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A direct laptop-to-server connection for easy access to repair a computer system, eliminating the need to move around a large and heavy crash cart

Laptop USB Console Adapter

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Active extension booster cables support 16 to 200 feet (via chaining) lossless USB 2.0 signal integrity, and 16 feet high-speed USB 3.0 signals

USB Booster Cables

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Two-gang wall-plate video, audio & IR extenders over CAT-5 up to 350 feet, w/ optional analog to digital video conversion, PoE and RS232 support

Wall-Plate Video Extenders

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7,000 to 16,000mAh-capacity USB portable, external battery chargers w/ up to 3.4 Amps for recharging smartphones and tablets up to 8 times

GearPower on the Go

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2- and 4-port USB peripheral switches - allow up to 4 computers to share the use of USB peripheral device(s) (i.e. printer, scanner, etc.)

USB Peripheral Sharing Switches

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Expandable HDMI audio/video matrix switchers rout 1080p video and 7.1 digital surround sound from up to 32 HD sources to multiple HD displays


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2- and 4-port VGA video splitters & signal boosters featuring Video Signal Enhancement technology to compensates for varying cable distance

VGA Video Splitters w/ Wall Mount Kit

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2- 4- and 8-port VGA video splitters with 350 Mhz video bandwidth, supporting 1920x1440 resolution and signal boosting up to 210 feet

High-Resolution VGA Video Splitters

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2- and 4-port parallel and serial auto printer switches w/ selectable timeout and broadcast mode; Flash/Net parallel printer sharing network

Printer Networking Devices

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VGA video (and optional audio and RS232) extenders over CAT-5e/6 up to 1000 feet, supporting wide-screens, touch-screens and 1920x1200 resolutions

VGA Video Extenders over CAT-5

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1- and 2-user, 17- and 19-inch, single-port, single- or dual-rail LCD consoles with high video resolution in a 1U rack-mountable housing

Single-Port LCD Consoles

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8- and 16-port USB/PS2 KVMP switches w/ 19- and 17-inch LCD consoles in a space-saving hideaway housing w /optional biometric finger print security

LCD Consoles w/ Built-In KVMP Switches

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4- and 8-port USB KVMA switches with multi-platform support (Windows, Sun, Linux and Mac), high video resolution and built-in autoscan

Master View Max USB KVMA Switches

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CAT-5e/6 audio/video distribution system from one A/V source to hundreds of displays with audio and RS232 support up to 1500 feet away

Audio/Video CAT-5 Distribution

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2- and 4-port DVI video splitters with audio support, supporting both digital & analog video up to 2560x1600 and DDWG

DVI Video Splitters w/ Audio

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4-port component (video and audio) switches supports viewing multiple HD sources on one HDTV at 1080p

Component Video/Audio HDTV Switches

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8- and 16-port PS/2-USB combo KVM switches with DynaSync Automatic Video Synchronization & Auto Sensing Expansion to control up to 256 servers

Master View Max USB-PS/2 KVM Switches

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IP PDUs offer remote power management (power on/off, reboot) of up to 320 devices, w/ optional outlet-level control & environmental monitoring

Power Over the NET™

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USB HDMI KVM switches supporting Hi-Def video, sharing audio and USB 2.0 peripherals through a built-in 2-port hub among 2, 4 or 8 computers


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Single-port DVI or VGA KVM over IP gateways with virtual media, supporting multiple users, up to 1920x1200 resolution, optional power switching

KVM on the NET

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2- and 4-port USB KVM switches with audio support, USB peripheral sharing and remote push button switching, compatible with PC, Mac, Linux & Sun

USB Cable KVMs

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USB-VGA KVM console extenders supporting audio and USB storage (Flash drives/hard drives) or RS232 devices (barcode scanners, touch screens)

USB-VGA KVM Console Extenders

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High resolution (1024x768 and above) SVGA cables eliminate picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images, with superior EMI interference protection

VGA Cables

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Switch any two (2) TosLink digital audio sources or add a second one to your audio system without expensive add-on equipment

Audio Switchers

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Type-A to Type-B male-to-male USB 2.0 cables designed to connect from a USB port on a Hub, PC or Mac to a USB device at transfer rates up to 480Mbps

USB A-to-B Cables

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SVGA HD-15 cables, male-to-male and male-to-female, for connecting and extending VGA computer video to projectors, CRT, or LCD displays

VGA Cables

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1U rack-mount KVM drawer/console tray, with independent slide-outs for a keyboard and a 17" LCD monitor; optional 8- or 16-port PS/2 KVM switch


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Zipped 3-in-one PS/2, VGA, KVM cables that split into 3 color-coded connectors on each end, for quick and easy installation

3-in-one Zip KVM cables

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Multi-user, high-density in-band KVM switches for controlling multi-platform servers from 1000 feet away over CAT-5

Paragon II

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1U, 19" or 17" flat panel LCD screen, affordable, space-saver rack-mount KVM console drawers, with a single-port VGA and USB or PS/2 interface

Sylphit Single-Port

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Copper-based DVI-D (and DVI-I) cables at lengths of up to 50 feet, HDCP compliant, supporting 1080p HDTV and 1920 x 1200 digital video resolutions

DVI Cables

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Paragon offers Cat5 Simplicity™ for 2-64 users controlling 16 to 10,000 multi-platform servers


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Used to securely connect PS/2-based servers to a variety of MasterConsole and CompuSwitch models

PC Interface Cable

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