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1U, 2U, 4U and 6U hinged wall-mount brackets for mounting patch-panels and shallow network appliances where cabinet rack mounting is not practical and space is limited

Wallit Hinge

Starting at$14.99 view

Flexible wall-mount racks that adapt to the width of your equipment, with optional 16"-deep solid 19-inch rack-mount cantilever shelf

Wallit Flex

Starting at$89.99 view

4K with HDR HDMI extenders (transmitter/receiver kit) extend 4K 18G to 115 feet, with 4K to 1080p down convert, HDMI pass-thru, power over CAT, 2-way IR, handshake control

Ultra-HD over Twisted-Pair HDMI Extenders

Starting at$161.29 view

2U, 3U and 4U front-mounting rack-mount storage drawers featuring a built in lock, allowing you to secure mission critical hardware and accessories at the rack

FMD Rack Drawers

Starting at$29.99 view

5- 12- 14- and 16-inch deep, solid or vented surface, single-sided heavy-duty 2-post shelves for mounting medium-weight IT peripherals in a 19-inch IT equipment rack

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Shelves

Starting at$24.99 view

12- to 20½ inch deep, solid or vented surface, single-sided 2-post shelves for mounting light- to medium-weight IT peripherals in a 19-inch IT equipment rack

Standard-Duty Cantilever Shelves

Starting at$9.99 view

SwitchAir - actively or passively - channels cool air from the front of the rack to the air intakes of a network switch that is typically installed at the top and back of a cabinet

Geist SwitchAir

Starting at$89.99 view

Keyboard, optional mouse, optional monitor trays for 2-post or 4-post rack mounting

Keyboard/Mouse Trays

Starting at$49.99 view

Bonded cables with an integrated jacket for connecting a computer with one or two HDMI video ports to a KVM switch with 3.5mm connectors supporting speakers

HDMI KVM Cables w/ Audio

Starting at$29.99 view

9U 2-post-mounting wall-mount network/communication enclosed racks featuring depth-adjustable front mounting rails and easy, one-person installation

Wallit SH

Starting at$119.99 view

Wall-mount (and under-desk-mount) shelves/brackets for full size or small-form-factor desktop/tower and thin-client computers designed to get the computer off the floor/desktop

Wallit CPU PC Holders

Starting at$39.99 view

2U and 4U space-saving wall-mount cases designed for mounting 19-inch rack-mount equipment flush to the wall, either from the side or from the top

Wallit Box

Starting at$19.99 view

30A, 120V or 208V, optionally breakered, 2.8 or 4.9kW horizontal PDUs w/ NEMA or IEC receptacles, optional power switch, 10-foot power cord, black powder coat

Basic Standard Rack-Mount PDUs, 30A

Starting at$129.99 view

Control 2 or 4 4K dual-monitor DisplayPort computers using KVMP switches with USB 3.0 hub, mouse and hot-key switching, audio, Power On Detection, and MST support

4K Dual-View DisplayPort KVMPs

Starting at$349.00 view

2- and 4-port dual- and triple display 4K DisplayPort KVMP switches w/ USB 3.0 peripheral sharing, mouse and hot-key switching, Power On Detection and optional MST support

Multi-Screen DisplayPort KVMP Switches

Starting at$399.00 view

2- 4- and 8-port, secure, 4K/Ultra-HD DisplayPort PPs 3.0/4.0 NIAP Common Criteria certified KVM switches with audio support and an optional dedicated CAC port

Secure DisplayPort KVM Switches

Starting at$349.00 view

Connect a computer, laptop or tablet with a DisplayPort output to a HDMI, DVI, or VGA projector, monitor, or HDTV, with no power or drivers to install

DisplayPort Adapters/Converters

Starting at$29.99 view

2- or 4-port, 4K-Cinema or 4K/Ultra-HD, DisplayPort USB KVM switches supporting audio and USB 3.0 peripheral sharing with Power On Detection

4K DisplayPort/USB 3.0 KVM Switches

Starting at$179.99 view

7,000 to 16,000mAh-capacity USB portable, external battery chargers w/ up to 3.4 Amps for recharging smartphones and tablets up to 8 times

GearPower on the Go

Starting at$19.99 view

2- and 4-port HDMI video switches w/ audio de-embedding, supporting 1080p/60, Ultra HD/4K, 3D signals, EDID & lossless compressed digital audio

HDMI Switchers with Audio De-Embedding

Starting at$399.00 view

8- and 16-port, single-user combo (USB and PS/2) KVM switches bundled with cables, provide BIOS-level administration for up to 4,096 servers

expreZo EZswitch

Starting at$229.00 view

High performance, computer grade rack-mount surge protector power strips, 15 or 20 Amps, with 6 or 8 outlets facing the front or the back

Rack-Mount PDUs

Starting at$9.99 view

2- and 4-port USB KVMP switches with USB peripheral sharing, PS/2 Mac and Sun compatibility, audio support and optional On Screen Display

Master View KVMA/KVMP Switches

Starting at$49.99 view

PS/2 - USB adapters allow using PS/2-compatible mice and keyboards on computers equipped with a USB port and vice versa

PS/2 - USB Adapters

Starting at$4.99 view

Multi-platform rack-mount 17" or 19" LCD KVM console drawers w/ integrated 8- or 16-port KVM switch controlling any mix of USB & PS/2 servers


Starting at$599.00 view

1U rack-mount KVM drawer/console tray, with independent slide-outs for a keyboard and a 17" LCD monitor; optional 8- or 16-port PS/2 KVM switch


Starting at$199.99 view

Zipped 3-in-one PS/2, VGA, KVM cables that split into 3 color-coded connectors on each end, for quick and easy installation

3-in-one Zip KVM cables

Starting at$3.99 view

Multi-user, high-density in-band KVM switches for controlling multi-platform servers from 1000 feet away over CAT-5

Paragon II

Starting at$49.00 view

Copper-based DVI-D cables, HDCP compliant, supporting 1080p HDTV and computer 1920x1200 digital video resolutions

DVI Cables

Starting at$3.99 view

Remote Interface Cable Connector (RICC) are "dongles" utilizing CAT 5 cables to connect servers to the KVM switch

Smart CAT5 RICCs

Starting at$49.99 view

Paragon offers Cat5 Simplicity for 2-64 users controlling 16 to 10,000 multi-platform servers


Starting at$29.00 view

8, 16 or 32-port KVM switches for both IP-based (DSView) access and local (OSCAR) access. Supports PS/2, Sun, serial, and USB


Starting at$69.00 view