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Extendable or fixed-length rope water sensors for detecting water leaks over a large area with optional 'locate' capabilities for identifying the location of the first leak

Rope Water Sensors

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16- and 32-port enterprise CAT-5 KVM switches supporting two local concurrent users at the rack (or 16/8 dual-video systems) with 150 foot CAT-5 server connectivity

EKS Enterprise CAT-5 KVM Switches

Starting at$1,874.00 view

Extend and duplicate a Full-HD HDMI signal on up to 8 mirrored displays over CAT-5/5e/6 cabling and an Ethernet network switch up to 1000 feet away

HDMI Splitters over IP

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Visual alert of sensor status with red, orange, and green lights that can be programmed to be constant or flashing, and a programable (on/off) built-in buzzer for audible alert

Sensor Status Lights

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A complete rack monitoring system with top, middle and bottom cabinet thermal and humidity maps, and front-to-back thermal and pressure differentials

Thermal Map smartRack Sensors

Starting at$170.99 view

Programmable LCD displays of sensor values with built-in temperature or temperature/humidity sensors that plug into any sensorProbe+ environmental monitoring appliance

Programmable LCD Displays

Starting at$98.99 view

A wireless environmental monitoring system that connects up to 30 4-port sensor pods to a server, communicating over long distance with LoRa™ based wireless communications

sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel

Starting at$292.00 view

Environmental monitoring appliances with a built-in LCD display to show data from connected sensors, PoE, 2/4x sensor-ports 1x dry-contact I/O port and 1x UART modem port

sensorProbe2+ LCD

Starting at$265.00 view

An IP-based SNMP environmental monitoring appliance with ON DEMAND 8x sensor ports,10x dry-contact I/O ports, 2x 0-5VDC analog input ports, 2x mini-relay ports & PoE


Starting at$495.00 view

Compact environmental monitoring appliances with optional PoE and 2x (Basic) or 4x (Pro) sensor-ports; Pro model supporting IPv6, SNMP v3, Modbus TCP/IP, & up to 80 virtual sensors


Starting at$219.00 view

Add 1 or 5 dry contacts to an RJ45 sensor port on AKCP environmental monitoring appliances for an ALARM/NORMAL indication in the software, supporting SNMP interface

Dry Contacts to Sensor Port

Starting at$40.49 view

IP-based SNMP environmental monitoring system supporting sensors, dry-contacts, control relay outputs w/ a customizable modular design and local or extended expansion capabilities


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15A, 120V, breakered horizontal PDUs w/ 5-15R rear or front receptacles, power switch, 10- or 15-foot power cord w/ 5-15P or L5-15P plug, black

Basic Standard Rack-Mount PDUs, 15A

Starting at$159.79 view

Use CAT-5/6 cables or a Gigabit LAN to broadcast high resolution HDMI A/V, optional infrared control and optional RS-232 up to 500 feet away

HDMI Extenders

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