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Control, access and switch between two USB Type-C or Thunderbolt™ 3 desktop/laptop computers using a single keyboard, HDMI monitor and mouse

USB-C to HDMI KVM Switches

Starting at$119.29 view

HDMI 2.0 video-wall controllers w/ IR remote, Web-interface, push-button & RS232 control, 2x HDMI inputs, 2x HDMI preview loop-out ports and 4x or 9x HDMI video-wall outputs

2-Input Ultra-HD Video-Wall Processors

Starting at$899.00 view

USB-VGA to DVI-A KVM + audio cables that support a connection of a computer with VGA video to a KVM switch that has DVI-I connectors across the board

VGA to DVI-A KVM Cables

Starting at$57.75 view

2- and 3-port USB-C/DisplayPort hybrid KVMP switches control DisplayPort computer(s) and one USB-C device via one USB keyboard/mouse and one DisplayPort monitor

USB-C/DisplayPort Hybrid KVMP Switches

Starting at$128.25 view

4K Ultra-HD @ 30Hz 4:4:4 DisplayPort, audio, USB keyboard/mouse, and RS232 KVM extenders up to 328 feet away from the source feet via CATx or 6.21 miles via fiber

4K DisplayPort KVM Extenders

Starting at$1,157.00 view

4K HDMI quad screen-splitter / multiviewer USB KVM switches displaying video from four HDMI computers simultaneously on a single monitor in quad, PiP, full, or custom modes

SPLITMUX 4K HDMI Multiview KVM Switches

Starting at$3,087.00 view

Single- dual- or triple-monitor docking stations for USB-C laptops provide USB expansion-ports, wired Gigabit network & audio connections, and Power Delivery to charge the laptop

USB-C Laptop Docking Stations

Starting at$99.75 view

Extend DVI or HDMI video, USB keyboard/mouse (and peripherals) up to 6,562 feet over CATx or fiber-optic cabling, with optional PS/2, audio and serial signals

HDMI/DVI KVM Extenders

Starting at$723.00 view

Switch between two or four computers sharing two HDMI displays, speakers & mic, USB keyboard & mouse, and USB 3.0 peripherals

HDMI Multi-Monitor KVM Switches

Starting at$434.00 view

Share a keyboard, mouse and HDMI® monitor between two or four multimedia computers with audio support and a built-in USB hub for peripheral sharing

HDMI KVM Switches

Starting at$332.00 view

Access two or four multi-monitor DisplayPort PCs or Macs from a single console with separate 3.5 mm audio support and USB 2.0 hub for peripheral sharing

DisplayPort Multi-Monitor KVM Switches

Starting at$498.00 view

HDMI/USB cable KVM switches link two HDMI-enabled computers to a single USB keyboard/mouse, and HDMI display console with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing

HDMI/USB Cable KVM Switches

Starting at$48.75 view

DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA cable KVM switches, USB-powered with integrated/molded cables, superior video quality, optional audio and remote-control switching

Cable KVM Switches

Starting at$110.59 view