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Monitor intrusion from doors, sliding doors and windows; acoustically detect the cracking of glass; detect tampering with drawers/alarm boxes; sends activation signal when emergency/panic buttons is pressed

ENVIROMUX Intrusion/Security Sensors

Starting at$5.99 view

vibration sensors for registering movement and shocks sensed through surface to which they are mounted; detect over- or under-vibration in machinery; detect climb over or cut through wire mesh fences

ENVIROMUX Vibration Sensors

Starting at$29.99 view

Use a self-adhesive sensor tape with copper fiber electrodes and a durable netted cover for dependable detection of conductive liquids and warning of flooding

ENVIROMUX Tape-Style Water Detectors

Starting at$377.00 view

Point leak detection sensors for warning of flooding, used to detect fluids in confined areas such as condensation drip pans or under HVAC equipment, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

ENVIROMUX Spot Liquid Detection Sensors

Starting at$172.79 view

Non-contact ultrasonic liquid-level transmitters provide real-time monitoring of fluid levels, and float-switches sensing when liquid rises above or drops below a certain level

ENVIROMUX Liquid-Level Probes

Starting at$17.99 view

Addressable leak location detection sensors for monitoring up to 4,000 feet of liquid location detection sensor cable reporting the location where a water leak is occurring

ENVIROMUX Leak Location Detection Sensors

Starting at$129.59 view

CO and CO2 continuous air monitoring; monitor the presence of hydrogen sulfide; detect leaks of hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, acetylene; for use with ENVIROMUX environmental monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Gas Detectors/Sensors

Starting at$324.00 view

Connect an HDMI source to a remote display (point-to-point) at 4K or 1080p over CATx, fiber or F-Type coax, with IR pass-thru; optional PoE and RS232 support

HDMI Extenders

Starting at$206.00 view

RJ11 and K-Type Thermocouple sensors compatible with ENVIROMUX® E-1W

ENVIROMUX 1-Wire and K-Type Sensors

Starting at$44.99 view

4- 8- and 16-port HDMI splitters (distribution amplifiers) reclock and equalizes the signal and distribute it to 4, 8 or 16 identical outputs at 1080p

HDMI Splitters (Distribution Amplifiers)

Starting at$1,196.00 view

4K/Ultra-HD HDMI IR and RS-232 extenders w/ PoE over HDBaseT up to 328 feet via a single CAT-6 cable, with HDR 10 and HDCP 2.2 support

4K/Ultra-HD HDMI Extenders over HDBaseT

Starting at$499.00 view

Switch, convert and scale HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA and Composite video formats with automatic Full HD scaling and independent audio routing

Audio/Video Multi-Format Processors

Starting at$349.00 view

4/8 inputs to 4/8 outputs 4K/Ultra-HD HDMI matrix switchers with de-embedding of digital coaxial and analog L/R audio for external distribution

4K/Ultra-HD HDMI Matrix Switchers

Starting at$1,499.00 view

HDMI boosters, extenders and buffers of EDID/HDCP/TMDS/3D w/ EDID control and built-in audio de-embedder of coaxial, digital & analog L/R audio

HDMI Boosters/Extenders/Buffers

Starting at$249.00 view

View up to 4 Hi-Def HDMI sources on one split-screen HDTV display, w/ each source individually scaled and positioned on the screen as desired

Seamless Multiview HDMI Switchers

Starting at$1,399.00 view

Spot-leak or rope-style liquid-chemical detection sensors for detecting the presence of chemical liquid, reliably sense acids, bases, and other conductive liquids

ENVIROMUX Chemical-Detection Sensors

Starting at$839.00 view

Digital access control keypads (indoors, weatherproof & vandal-resistant); electric strike door releases; key stations; EM cards and keyfobs for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Access Control

Starting at$57.59 view

ENVIROMUX audio players w/ speaker; alarm beacons that emit flashing red light; sirens and alarms that emit loud continuous tone to deter intruders or alert personnel, 90 to 150 dB

ENVIROMUX Alarm Sirens and Beacons

Starting at$9.19 view

Day/night, indoor/outdoor, wireless and wired IP surveillance cameras for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems forward an e-mail alert on triggered (programmed event) snapshots

ENVIROMUX IP Surveillance Cameras

Starting at$119.99 view

Input/output expanders; Sensor converters; PoE adapters; fiber converter/extenders; Self-adhesive clips for liquid/chemical sensor rope; Surge protectors for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Accessories

Starting at$39.99 view

Dust-resistant air velocity sensors and air flow sensors alert on insufficient flow of air resulting from malfunctioning cooling fan, increased friction, or physical blockage

ENVIROMUX Air Flow/Velocity Sensors

Starting at$172.79 view

Ionization and photoelectric smoke detection sensors for use with ENVIROMUX environmental monitoring systems for warning of smoke and invisible fire particles

ENVIROMUX Smoke Detectors/Sensors

Starting at$18.99 view

ENVIROMUX environment monitoring system resistance temperature detector (RTD) transmitters & sensors, for high accuracy and wide range reading

ENVIROMUX RTD Sensors/Transmitters

Starting at$181.44 view

Wirelessly stream HD content with 3D support and 5.1 surround sound audio from up to 3 HDMI sources to your HDTV or HDMI projector, 100 feet

Wireless HDMI Audio/Video Streaming

Starting at$509.00 view

Automatic voice/pager dialer systems and modems for notifying of triggered thresholds by ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Communication Accessories

Starting at$71.99 view

Remote controlled power relays, power transducers, voltage Detectors and voltage monitors for ENVIROMUX server environment monitoring system

ENVIROMUX Power Relays & Sensors

Starting at$124.79 view

Infra-red motion sensors register movement in covered area; photobeam detectors send an alert signal when invisible beam is broken; indoor/outdoor use with ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Motion Sensors

Starting at$24.99 view

2-wire plenum 22 AWG sensor cables used to connect dry contact sensors to ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Plenum Sensor Cables

Starting at$0.89 view

Temperature, humidity, dew-point sensors that work with ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems, in industrial, pipe, probe styles w/ optional LCD display and DIN mounting

ENVIROMUX Temperature, Humidity, Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at$34.99 view

0 to 3000 psi intrinsically safe pressure sensor transmitters monitor pressures in explosive atmospheres with barrier; measure pressure of gases and liquids, hydraulic oils and chemicals

ENVIROMUX Pressure Sensor Transmitters

Starting at$244.00 view

28-AWG straight-wired 6P4C RJ11 patch cords and splitters used to daisy-chain 1-wire sensors to the ENVIROMUX 1W

ENVIROMUX W1 Sensor Cables

Starting at$1.04 view

Small-enterprise environment monitoring system for monitoring & managing environmental conditions over IP, with optional dual-power and fiber network


Starting at$432.00 view

Medium-enterprise environment monitoring system for monitoring & managing environmental conditions over IP, with optional dual-power and fiber network


Starting at$758.00 view

22-AWG outdoor 2-wire sensor cables w/ sunlight-resistant gray PVC jackets used to connect dry contact sensors to ENVIROMUX 2D/5D/16D; Mini; Micro

ENVIROMUX Outdoor Sensor Cables

Starting at$1.94 view