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Secure, 2- 4- and 8-port, 4K, dual-view HDMI and/or DisplayPort KVM switches w/ a optional dedicated peripheral port (DPP), NIAP Common Criteria Protection Profile version 4.0 certified

Secure Dual-Video DPH KVM Switches

Starting at$942.00 view

Power and performance 8K media players with 3D WebGL & real time data visualization, intense graphics, video and live TV, and dual HTML5 presentation driving up to 2 screens

XT5 Digital-Signage Media Players

Starting at$759.00 view

Secure, 4- 8- and 16-port multiview DisplayPort and/or HDMI KVM switches for displaying video from 4, 8, or 16 computers on one (or two) screens, with optional CAC support

Secure MultiView KVM Switches

Starting at$3,787.00 view

Professional 4K media players for enterprise experiences with dynamic mosaic mode and memory allocation, optimized motion graphics, PoE, live TV, full open GL ES

XD5 Digital-Signage Media Players

Starting at$569.00 view

Transparent USB 2.0, audio and VGA-video KVM extenders up to 1000 feet over one or two CATx cables, with local access and a 4-port USB hub for the extension of USB peripherals

LongView 3000

Starting at$1,307.00 view

4K or Full-HD media players for looping video, simple HTML5 widgets and animation, and single touchscreen experiences, with H.265, graphics and digital audio, HDMI out

LS5 Digital-Signage Media Players

Starting at$285.00 view

Single-link, single- or dual-DVI (1920x1200 @ 60Hz) with full EDID, and transparent USB 2.0 (low and full speed) KVM extenders over CATx cables up to 164 feet

LongView 4000

Starting at$1,236.00 view

Send one HDCP compliant HDMI audio/video signal to be displayed on up to sixteen HDMI display screens at 4K resolution with long cable runs and no loss of quality

HDMI Video Splitters

Starting at$149.25 view

Secure 2- and 4-port, 4K HDMI and/or DisplayPort KVM switches with an optional dedicated peripheral port (DPP), NIAP Common Criteria PPPs version 4.0 certified

Secure DPH KVM Switches

Starting at$777.00 view

4K media players with interactive 2D motion graphics, optional serial support and a USB Type-A port that provides power to peripheral devices

HD5 Digital-Signage Media Players

Starting at$475.00 view

8K digital-signage media players with dual or quad 4K HDMI outputs, Expert or Elite HTML, PoE, full open GL and 5x more graphics power

XC5 Digital-Signage Media Players

Starting at$1,139.00 view

4K60 4:2:0 HDMI PoE wall-plate transmitters and receivers with optional VGA, USB-C, RS-232 and IR over HDBaseT

HDBaseT Wall-Plate Extenders

Starting at$352.00 view

Single- or dual-DisplayPort video (DP++) KVM extenders over CATx up to 330 feet (100 m), with USB peripheral extension and audio support

LongView 5020

Starting at$2,269.00 view

Secure (PPs 4.0 NIAP certified) 2- and 4-port, dual- or quad-head 4K/Ultra-HD DVI/VGA KVM switches, with audio support and a dedicated CAC port

Secure, Multi-Video DVI-I KVM Switches

Starting at$1,819.00 view

8- and 16-port USB 3.1 4K HDMI KVM switches w/ password protection, USB peripheral sharing, stacking feature for multi-screen support or cascading feature for port-count expansion

4K HDMI/USB 3.1 KVM Switches

Starting at$799.00 view

Qualified and dependable, BrightSign approved MicroSD memory cards deliver reliable and high-quality performance for BrightSign applications

MicroSD Memory Cards

Starting at$155.99 view

HDBaseT twisted-pair extenders with bidirectional RS-232 & IR supporting 1080p & 4K resolution, HDMI deep color, lip sync & Dolby up to 590 feet

HDBaseT HDMI Extenders

Starting at$352.00 view

Convert analog component, VGA or composite video + audio signals to to digital HDMI video; convert digital HDMI video + audio to analog video + audio

Analog/Didital Audio-Video Converters

Starting at$149.25 view

Secure and scalable cloud-based digital signage network service to serve and support your digital signage network via BrightAuthor and WebUI

BrightSign Network

Starting at$99.99 view