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8- and 16-port 4K DisplayPort KVM switches w/ password protection, USB peripheral sharing, stacking or cascading features for multi-screen support or port-count expansion

4K DisplayPort/USB 3.1 KVM Switches

Starting at$1,029.00 view

4K with HDR HDMI extenders (transmitter/receiver kit) extend 4K 18G to 115 feet, with 4K to 1080p down convert, HDMI pass-thru, power over CAT, 2-way IR, handshake control

Ultra-HD over Twisted-Pair HDMI Extenders

Starting at$243.00 view

HDMI or DVI splitter/extender systems via fiber-optic cable that drive up to 4 remote displays from one HDMI or DVI video source up to 12.4 miles away

VOPEX Video Splitters/Extenders over Fiber

Starting at$219.00 view

2- and 4-port MST DisplayPort KVM switches supporting 2x or 4x 4K single-head DisplayPort computers to dual or quad 4K HDMI extended-desktop screens, with audio support

SM-MST DisplayPort KVM switches

Starting at$276.00 view

One-person video production studio and livestreaming, integrating 1080p video capture, video switch, streaming encoder, video converter, video splitter, and audio mixer

Video Production

Starting at$299.00 view

DVI/HDMI multi-user KVM switches with audio support and USB 2.0 peripheral (printers, scanners, web cameras etc.) sharing, supporting dual-link video resolution

DVI/HDMI Multi-User KVM Switches

Starting at$644.00 view

1 or 2 remote user, 1 local user, 8- or 16-port KVM-over-IP switches enable administrators to remotely manage computer and serial devices to maximize uptime and avoid travel

Dominion LX II

Starting at$2,256.00 view

Route Ultra-HD 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 video and audio signals from 4, 8, 16, or 32 video sources to 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 displays supporting 600 Mhz (18 Gbps) bandwidth and HDR

4K HDMI Video Matrix Switches

Starting at$9,134.00 view

Extend, split, switch, create video wall and daisy chain 4K or 1080p AV connections over a LAN from point-to-point to many-to-many setups without distance limitations

HDMI over IP

Starting at$669.00 view

Monitor intrusion from doors, sliding doors and windows; acoustically detect the cracking of glass; detect tampering with drawers/alarm boxes; sends activation signal when emergency/panic buttons is pressed

ENVIROMUX Intrusion/Security Sensors

Starting at$59.99 view

Low-cost environment monitoring systems w/ integrated sensors and 2x digital & 2x dry-contact ports to use independently or as an IP-connected remote sensor for the E-2D/5D/16D systems


Starting at$148.88 view

1 input to 2, 4 or 8 outputs HDMI video/audio splitters (distribution amplifiers) supporting 4K/Ultra-HD, EDID, lossless digital audio, 3D and Deep Color

4K/Ultra-HD HDMI Distribution Amplifiers

Starting at$163.76 view

2- and 4-port HDMI video switches w/ audio de-embedding, supporting 1080p/60, Ultra HD/4K, 3D signals, EDID & lossless compressed digital audio

HDMI Switchers with Audio De-Embedding

Starting at$293.00 view

Enterprise-class, secure KVM-over-IP switches provide bios-level remote (and local) access and control of up to 64 multi-platform servers and serial-based devices by multiple users

Dominion KX III

Starting at$6,069.00 view

HDMI matrix switches route any 2, 4 or 8 HDMI sources to any 2, 4 or 8 HDMI displays, w/ video 4K Cinema and Ultra-HD resolutions, IR & RS232 control

4K HDMI Matrix Switches

Starting at$348.00 view

3- 4- and 8-port HDMI audio/video switches used to view multiple HDMI sources from a single (or dual) HDMI monitor(s) with resolutions up to 4K/Ultra-HD, 1080p and WUXGA

HDMI Switches

Starting at$76.49 view

Video adapters and converters which enable converting video signal to emulate other platforms

Raritan Video Adapters/Converters

Starting at$9.99 view

Connects one USB computer to 1 or 4 USB peripherals, located up to 150 feet away from the computer, using CAT-5 UTP cable


Starting at$399.00 view