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Flexible, simple push-button wireless connectivity for multiple presenters (one at a time) eliminating HDMI cable runs to connect in meeting rooms and classrooms

Share Pro Expandable Wireless Presentation

Starting at$339.00 view

4K HDMI quad screen-splitter / multiviewer USB KVM switches displaying video from four HDMI computers simultaneously on a single monitor in quad, PiP, full, or custom modes

SPLITMUX 4K HDMI Multiview KVM Switches

Starting at$1,842.00 view

Network and communications wall-mount racks with a forward-tilting mounting frame for easy patch-panel punch-down; equipment and cable access

Wallit Incline

Starting at$129.00 view

Security lock boxes for securing digital video recorders (DVRs), VCRs or sensitive network appliances that need to be securely locked up and horizontally mounted to the wall

Wallit DVR

Starting at$98.00 view

Extend (or create a matrix switching system) 4K HDMI & USB 400 feet over CATx point-to-point; 1000 feet using Gigabit Ethernet, w/ video-wall support up to 8x8 (64 screens)


Starting at$468.00 view

Keyboard, optional mouse, optional monitor trays for 2-post or 4-post rack mounting

Keyboard/Mouse Trays

Starting at$38.00 view

Display the video from one HDMI, VGA or composite video source across four 1080p HDMI monitors; cascade two processors to create video walls up to 3x3 (9 screens)

Video-Wall Controllers

Starting at$1,059.00 view

DisplayPort, DVI-D, and HDMI video cables; HDMI to dual-link DVI-D and HDMI to Mini-DisplayPort adapter-cables supporting up to 4K video resolution and backed by lifetime warranty

Video Cables / Adapter-Cables

Starting at$13.49 view

Bonded cables with an integrated jacket for connecting a computer with one or two DisplayPort video ports to a KVM switch with 3.5mm connectors supporting speakers

DisplayPort KVM Cables w/ Audio

Starting at$53.99 view

Bonded cables with an integrated jacket for connecting a computer with one or two HDMI video ports to a KVM switch with 3.5mm connectors supporting speakers

HDMI KVM Cables w/ Audio

Starting at$53.99 view

Bonded cables with an integrated jacket for connecting a computer with one or two DVI video ports to a KVM switch with 3.5mm connectors supporting speakers

DVI KVM Cables w/ Audio

Starting at$53.99 view

Distribute your HDMI source to one local and three remote displays over standard CAT-5/6/7 cable up to 4K, with 3 receivers included

HDMI Splitters/Extenders

Starting at$998.00 view

Aluminum relay racks provide mounting for 19" standard networking and telecom equipment in a wide range of applications from IT installs to colocation datacenters

2-Post Open-Frame Racks

Starting at$177.79 view

12U, 16U and 21U, 12" or 18" deep, fixed, open-frame data-comm wall-mount racks 300 lbs. weight capacity with self-squaring design for easy on-site installation

Wallit Comm 300

Starting at$87.00 view

Provide mounting for 11U, 12U and 19U 19" networking and telecom equipment where space is a premium and a full size rack cannot be used, supporting 18-25" mounting depth

Swing Out Wall-Mount Open Frame Rack

Starting at$213.00 view

6U, 9U, and 12U 2-post-mounting wall-mount network/communication enclosed racks featuring depth-adjustable front mounting rails and easy, one-person installation

Wallit SH

Starting at$181.00 view

Wall-mount (and under-desk-mount) shelves/brackets for full size or small-form-factor desktop/tower and thin-client computers designed to get the computer off the floor/desktop

Wallit CPU PC Holders

Starting at$43.00 view

Provide mounting for up to 150 lbs. of 8U, 15U and 30U 19" standard networking and telecom equipment 12- or 18-inches deep with self-squaring design for easy on-site assembly

Wall Mount Open Frame Racks

Starting at$164.29 view

M6, #10-32 and #12-24 rack-mounting screws in 'standard', self-tapping or cage-nut style for mounting equipment, shelves and accessories onto IT racks

Rack-Mounting Screws

Starting at$6.00 view

Wall-mount brackets for space-saving rack-mounting equipment flush to the wall vertically or horizontally or under a desk, occupying minimal depth

Wallit Flush

Starting at$40.00 view

2U, 3U and 4U brackets provide six options for vertical mounting of 19" standard network and telecom equipment in locations where space is a premium

Vertical Wall Mount Brackets

Starting at$59.24 view

Hinged brackets for easy access provide mounting for 19 inch standard 2U, 3U and 4U patch panels in locations where space is a premium

Hinged Wall Mount Brackets

Starting at$30.74 view

2U and 4U space-saving wall-mount cases designed for mounting 19-inch rack-mount equipment flush to the wall, either from the side or from the top

Wallit Box

Starting at$70.00 view

Switch between two, four or seven analog or digital AV sources, convert and scale to one or two HDMI or VGA screen at 4K or 1920x1200 video resolution

Presentation Switches

Starting at$464.00 view

2x2 and 4x4 HDMI matrix switches drive video from multiple sources to multiple displays w/ push-button, IR remote and RS-232 control, optional PaP/MultiView and 230 foot extension

HDMI Matrix Switches

Starting at$622.00 view

Extend HDMI over a single CAT-5/6 cabling up to 230 feet at 4K 60Hz (4:4:4); up to 328 feet at 1080p; with PoC and IR support and mounting hardware included

4K60 HDMI over CATx Extenders

Starting at$124.02 view

Extend Ultra-HD/4K HDMI® up to 328 feet over HDBaseT CAT-5e/6 cabling w/ optional bus-powered Transmitter; Ethernet, infrared and RS-232 extension; and PoC (power over cable)

HDMI over CATx HDBaseT Extenders

Starting at$339.00 view

Route Ultra-HD 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 video and audio signals from 4 or 8 or 16 video sources to 4 or 8 or 16 displays supporting 600 Mhz (18 Gbps) bandwidth and HDR

4K HDMI Video Matrix Switches

Starting at$6,005.00 view

15A, 120V, breakered horizontal PDUs w/ 5-15R rear or front receptacles, power switch, 10- or 15-foot power cord w/ 5-15P or L5-15P plug, black

Basic Standard Rack-Mount PDUs, 15A

Starting at$64.59 view

Bonded USB 2.0 + HDMI + 3.5mm audio KVM cables for connecting an HDMI/USB computer to an HDVI/USB or DVI/USB KVM switch

HDMI-USB-Audio KVM Cables

Starting at$53.99 view

USB computer interface modules [CIMs] (dongles) provide CATx-cabling connection between Dominion a KX KVM switch and servers, supporting virtual media, CAC

Dominion KX Virtual Media CIMs

Starting at$99.99 view

Low-cost HDMI extenders transmit digital HD 3D video @ 1080p and digital audio (Dolby TrueHD; DTS-HD) up to 600 feet using CATx cable

XTENDEX HDMI Extenders over CATx

Starting at$509.00 view

Mini DisplayPort video adapters for connecting DVI / HDMI / VGA monitors to a device with a Mini DisplayPort output, with high video resolutions

Mini DisplayPort Video Adapters

Starting at$112.96 view

Simultaneously display and monitor video signals from 2 or 4 DVI or HDMI video sources on a single screen, or create a video wall

SPLITMUX Multiviewers

Starting at$1,985.00 view