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Audio Cables

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Black or color-coded, foil shielded 3.5mm stereo audio extension cables featuring nickel-plated and fully molded strain-relief connectors

3.5mm Stereo Audio Extension Cables

Starting at $2.59 view

Foil-shielded to ensure signal integrity, these 3.5mm stereo audio cables have low profile connectors and meet NEC requirements for in-wall use

CMG-Rated 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cables

Starting at $9.34 view

RCA adapter Y-cables used to connect mono audio to stereo audio equipment with dual RCA connectors; featuring gold-plated molded connectors

Velocity RCA to 2x RCA Adapter Y-Cables

Starting at $7.49 view

RCA audio adapter cables used to convert stereo to mono or vice versa; featuring copper shielded wires to protect against EMI/RFI interference

Value Series RCA to 2x RCA Y-Cables

Starting at $2.57 view

Composite audio cables used to connect or extend stereo audio signals from DVD players, digital camcorders, etc. to a TV, monitor or A/V reciever

Value Series Stereo RCA Audio Cables

Starting at $1.99 view

3.5mm to RCA audio Y-adapter cables for adapting one connection to another, with shielded brass/nickel-plated plugs and fully molded connectors

3.5mm Stereo to RCA Y-Cables

Starting at $2.64 view

3.5mm stereo audio male/male cables with CMP-rated plenum jacket, low profile audio connectors and small cable diameter for easier in-wall installation

Plenum 3.5mm Low Profile Stereo Audio Cables

Starting at $27.95 view

Experience super high quality sound with these RCA stereo audio cables; featuring 24K gold-plated contacts to ensure a lifetime of performance

Velocity RCA Audio Cables

Starting at $11.69 view

Digital coaxial audio cables featuring 24k gold plated connectors and oxygen-free copper conductors for improved sound quality and performance

Velocity Digital Audio Coax Cables

Starting at $4.54 view

Provide quality music transfer from a PC sound card, portable CD player, MP3 player or iPod® to a full-size audio component with RCA audio jacks

Velocity 3.5mm to Dual RCA Y-Cables

Starting at $7.17 view

Extend the reach of your 3.5mm audio for quality music transfer from quality audio applications - male/female cables featuring foil shielded to prevent unwanted EMI/RFI interference

Velocity 3.5mm Audio Extension Cables

Starting at $7.15 view

3.5mm mono cables for audio and data transfer applications featuring 27-gauge oxygen-free copper conductors, and an aluminum foil shield

Velocity 3.5mm Mono Cables

Starting at $5.45 view

RCA mono audio cables are ideal for connecting single channel audio equipment featuring fully molded connectors for excellent strain relief

Value Series Mono RCA Audio Cables

Starting at $2.57 view

Black or color-coded, straight- or right-angled-jack 3.5mm male to male audio cables connecting CD players, speakers, PC/TV tuners up to 50-feet

3.5mm Stereo Audio Cables

Starting at $2.52 view

3.5mm stereo plugs, converters and adapters to RCA, 6.3mm stereo and mono plugs, 3.5mm mono plug, single/dual, male/female or coupler

3.5mm Stereo Audio Adapters

Starting at $2.83 view

TOSLink optical digital audio cables for DVD, CD, satellite receiver, game console or any digital audio equipment for crystal clear sound

Velocity TOSLink Optical Cables

Starting at $6.49 view

Stereo audio cables with fully molded gold plated corrosion-free connectors to connect audio devices to multimedia speakers using 3.5mm jacks

NTI Stereo Cables

Starting at $1.38 view