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MultiView KVM Switches

Control multiple computers via one KVM console with video from all computers simultaneously showing on one screen split into sections - each computer individually showing on each section of the screen. Learn more...

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Quadruple-view 4-port HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI multi-view KVM switches supporting two screens (one of which is a dedicated multiview preview screen) with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing

Dual-Screen MultiView KVM Switches

Starting at $1,799.00 view

4K HDMI quad screen-splitter / multiviewer USB KVM switches displaying video from four HDMI computers simultaneously on a single monitor in quad, PiP, full, or custom modes

SPLITMUX 4K HDMI Multiview KVM Switches

Starting at $1,842.00 view

control 4 systems using a single peripheral set with two DVI-screens - one for full-view and the other for multi-view, with multiple picture-in-picture display modes

Quad-View KVM Switches

Starting at $2,152.00 view

HDMI quad screen-splitter / multiviewer USB KVM switches for displaying video from 4 HDMI/DVI computers simultaneously on a single monitor

SPLITMUX HDMI Quad Multiview KVM Switches

Starting at $1,649.00 view

Multi-view HDMI and DVI KVM switches with quad, PiP and full-screen viewing modes of 4-16 computers on one screen, audio support and USB peripheral sharing

Multi-View Management Control Center

Starting at $1,499.00 view

Control 4 DVI computers from a dual-monitor console, w/ 1st monitor switched to display any computer; 2nd monitor multiviewing all 4 computers

DVI KVM Multiview Switchers

Starting at $1,589.00 view

Display DVI/VGA video from 4 computers on one screen in quad, PiP, full-screen, dual, fade-through and win display modes, w/ built-in KVM switch

SPLITMUX Screen-Splitters with KVM

Starting at $3,669.00 view

View 4, 8, and 16 HD or analog computers simultaneously on one screen in split-screen modes, accessing and controlling them from a single KVM console

KVM Multiviewers

Starting at $2,624.00 view

Connect to, control and display 4 computers on a single monitor in either Quad-Screen, picture-in-picture (PiP) or Full Screen viewing mode


Starting at $2,635.00 view