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Presentation Switches

Audio/video switches with multiple video and audio inputs, supporting multiple sources of differing formats and allowing switching among them to select the source to be sent to one or more A/V output screen(s), locally or extended

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4K BYOD presentation switches with multiple collaboration tools and dual or quad view, supporting AirPlay, Google Cast, & Chrome for 2- or 4-source wireless content sharing

PresentON Wireless Presentation Switches

Starting at $569.00 view

4K wireless presentation gateway for PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome devices w/ screen mirroring via LAN or WiFi; PoE; HDMI & analog audio; USB keyboard/mouse; annotation control

Wireless Presentation Gateways

Starting at $629.00 view

2x1 and 4x1 4K wall-plate HDMI, DisplayPort & USB switchers / HDBaseT transmitters, with IR, RS-232 extension, IP control, CEC Manager™, ARC, audio de-embed and PoH support

Wall-Plate Presentation Switchers/Extenders

Starting at $527.00 view

5x1, 4x1 and 2x1 4K 18G HDMI and HDBaseT switchers w/ local & extended mirrored HDMI outputs, optional USB 2.0, audio de-embed, IR, RS-232, IP control, PoH, CEC Manager

Presentation Switchers

Starting at $878.00 view

Switch between two, four or seven analog or digital AV sources, convert and scale to one or two HDMI or VGA screen at 4K or 1920x1200 video resolution

Presentation Switches

Starting at $152.46 view

Multi-in-one AV presentation solutions for conference and meeting room applications w/ simplified integration and control, intuitive OSD and optional Web GUI for commercial and educational spaces

AV Presentation Switches

Starting at $171.75 view

Switch, convert & scale multiple HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, Component and Composite video sources for local/remote presentation, w/ automatic scaling and independent audio routing

Audio/Video Multi-Format Presentation Switchers

Starting at $439.00 view

7- and 8-port, multi-format HDMI presentation switchers from HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, component and composite inputs, with RS-232 and infrared control

Multi-Format Presentation Switchers

Starting at $449.00 view

Presentation and collaboration hubs that provide a common platform for smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect wirelessly, present, collaborate, and engage real time


Starting at $517.00 view

3- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- or 12-input (HDMI, VGA, composite, component DisplayPort, HD-SDI), 2- 3- or 4-output (HDMI, VGA, HD-SDI) presentation AV switchers

ProScale Presentation Switchers/Scalers

Starting at $2,186.00 view

HDBaseT twisted-pair extenders with bidirectional RS-232 & IR supporting 1080p & 4K resolution, HDMI deep color, lip sync & Dolby up to 590 feet

HDBaseT HDMI Extenders

Starting at $615.00 view