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Video Tools

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HDMI, DVI or VGA EDID emulators w/ built-in wizard provide constant, reliable data for the source device to efficiently optimize video resolution

EDID Emulators

Starting at $92.25 view

EDID processors lock EDID signals and support or not support HDCP, audio or deep color signals that may/may not be compatible with the display

EDID Processors

Starting at $131.99 view

EDID emulators, learn up to four EDID configurations at once provide a constant signal to the computer, whether the displays are present or not


Starting at $171.75 view

Provide DDC/EDID data about the physical characteristics of a VGA screen directly to the video card; VGA to DVI-D, USB powered video converters

Video Accessories

Starting at $80.99 view

Switch or relocate HDTV or computer video displays while "tricking" the source devices into continuously reading the EDID display information

EDID Tools

Starting at $49.99 view

Portable devices allowing video professionals to calibrate and test HDTV equipment, providing audio tone and still & moving test patterns

HD Testing Tools

Starting at $827.00 view