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KVM Cables

Cables that interface with the keyboard, video and mouse ports of a computer, typically used to connect a computer to a KVM switch

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All-in-one VGA-USB-audio/mic male-to-male KVM cables for connecting VGA-USB computers to KVMA/KVMP switches

VGA / USB / Audio KVM Cables

Starting at $7.95 view

All-in-one bonded USB & VGA KVM cables with aluminum shielding deliver superb video quality and error-free high-resolution video transmission

USB KVM Cables

Starting at $14.97 view

6- 10- and 15-foot slim PS/2 & VGA KVM cables with Micro-Lite technology, aluminum shielding & over-sized thumbscrews for easy installation

Slim PS/2 & VGA KVM Cables

Starting at $15.75 view

2-in-one USB + VGA KVM cable provides USB connectivity for keyboard & mouse and VGA connectivity for video, all in a single compact cable


Starting at $14.69 view

4-in-one USB-VGA KVM cables provide VGA video, USB keyboard & mouse, 3.5mm audio and 3.5mm microphone connections in a single compact cable

USB/VGA/Audio KVM Cables

Starting at $19.29 view

USB DVI KVM cables provide DVI video, USB mouse and keyboard, 3.5mm audio and 3.5mm microphone connections, all in a single, compact cable

USB/DVI/Audio KVM Cables

Starting at $20.24 view

Universally designed 2-in-one USB 2.0/ SXGA KVM built from premium coaxial cabling to ensures superior video resolution and no ghosting


Starting at $15.75 view

All-in-one, bonded universal-design DVI-D/USB 2.0 (+ optional audio) KVM cable for connecting USB peripherals, flat panel, speakers, and mic


Starting at $23.92 view

USB and Sun interface cables deliver multi platform KVM connectivity at low cost, with any PS/2 style KVM switch

Conversion Cables

Starting at $44.09 view

Gold plated, triple shielded for noise reduction, all-in-1 KVM cables, VGA video, PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse

NTI KVM Cables

Starting at $13.00 view

Converters, adapters and cable/adapters from USB to Parallel for printing, to Serial for PDAs and to PS/2 for keyboard/mouse conversion

USB Adapters

Starting at $35.00 view

Zipped 3-in-one PS/2, VGA, KVM cables that split into 3 color-coded connectors on each end, for quick and easy installation

3-in-one Zip KVM cables

Starting at $3.99 view

Used to securely connect PS/2-based servers to a variety of MasterConsole and CompuSwitch models

PC Interface Cable

Starting at $14.99 view