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EDID Emulators

Devices that sit inline between a monitor/projector and a video source that store, reproduce and maintain constant EDID communication with video-source devices

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EDID emulators designed to emulate and store the EDID information of a DisplayPort or HDMI video display supporting video resolution up to 4K @ 60Hz

EDID Emulators

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Extended display identification data (EDID) emulators simulate the presence of an attached display by storing and reproducing the display's EDID information to a video source

EDID Emulators

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In cases where the DDC EDID is not passed, DDC Ghost provides DDC/EDID data about the physical characteristics of a VGA screen directly to the video card

DDC Ghost

Starting at $89.99 view

HDMI, DVI or VGA EDID emulators w/ built-in wizard provide constant, reliable data for the source device to efficiently optimize video resolution

EDID Emulators

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EDID processors lock EDID signals and support or not support HDCP, audio or deep color signals that may/may not be compatible with the display

EDID Processors

Starting at $142.49 view

4K/18G hot-plug HDMI connectivity fixers, boosters, EDID buffers and optional 4K to 1080p down-conversion, with L/R/PCM audio and de-embedded audio output

HDMI Connectivity Fixers, Boosters, EDID Buffers

Starting at $225.00 view

Switch or relocate HDTV or computer video displays while "tricking" the source devices into continuously reading the EDID display information

EDID Tools

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