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Monitoring Accessories

Accessories for environmental monitoring systems
Note: Accessories are compatible only with monitoring systems of the same brand

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ENVIROMUX centralized management software for monitoring and configuring up to 3,000 ENVIROMUX units and all connected sensors

ENVIROMUX Management Software

Starting at $379.00 view

ENVIROMUX AC (NEMA 5-1P or IEC-C14) and DC voltage detectors for use with ENVIROMUX Mini server environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX-Mini Power Sensors

Starting at $44.16 view

Accessories for Geist Monitor Watchdog environmental monitors, such as digital-port splitters, analog-to-digital interface converters, PoE and IP cameras

Geist Monitor Accessories

Starting at $8.99 view

Send SMS text messages to a pager or cell phone upon sensor-alert; supply power and data up to 300 feet using standard Ethernet cabling

ENVIROMUX-Mini Accessories

Starting at $59.00 view

Digital access control keypads (indoors, weatherproof & vandal-resistant); electric door releases; EM cards & keyfobs for ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D

ENVIROMUX Access Control

Starting at $11.99 view

ENVIROMUX alarm beacons emit flashing red light; sirens and alarms emit loud continuous tone to deter intruders or alert personnel, 90 to 150 dB

ENVIROMUX Alarm Sirens and Beacons

Starting at $23.99 view

4-20mA and 5VDC sensor converters; input/output port expanders; self-adhesive clips for liquid/chemical sensor-ropes for ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D

ENVIROMUX Accessories

Starting at $7.15 view

WiFi tablets, voice dialers and modems for visual, phone or SMS-text communications of triggered thresholds by ENVIROMUX monitoring system

ENVIROMUX Alert/Communications Accessories

Starting at $196.79 view