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AKCP offers the following product lines:

AKCP, established in the USA in 1981, created the market for temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions.

AKCP sensor technology includes cabinet thermal maps, power meters, water leak detection, temperature, humidity and more. Physical sensors combined with patent pending sensorCFD™ technology provides a real time analysis of data center performance, airflow and cooling efficiency.

In addition to environmental and power monitoring, AKCP offers physical security access control and RFID cabinet swing handle locks. Integration with IP cameras synchronizes sensor events with video feeds.

Wireless Tunnel™, AKCP's wireless sensor system, is the world's first LoRa™ based wireless technology designed specifically for the data center and critical infrastructure monitoring, with guaranteed message delivery, a range of over 1.8 miles (3km) in open space. Wireless Tunnel™ offers the ultimate in security, reliability and up to 10 years battery life.

AKCP designs, manufactures and tests everything in house, with their own SMT production line, clean rooms and packaging equipment. Products are subjected to a 48 hour burn in procedure and are individually tested.

By setting the standards for technical achievement and innovation, AKCP remains at the head of the field. AKCP's outstanding level of support to all customers large and small, defines AKCP's success.

Standard warranty: Five years on monitoring appliances (with free shipping in the 1st year). One year on sensors. Extended warranty is available and can be purchased separately.

Extendable or fixed-length rope water sensors for detecting water leaks over a large area with optional 'locate' capabilities for identifying the location of the first leak

Rope Water Sensors

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Visual alert of sensor status with red, orange, and green lights that can be programmed to be constant or flashing, and a programable (on/off) built-in buzzer for audible alert

Sensor Status Lights

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A complete rack monitoring system with top, middle and bottom cabinet thermal and humidity maps, and front-to-back thermal and pressure differentials

Thermal Map smartRack Sensors

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Programmable LCD displays of sensor values with built-in temperature or temperature/humidity sensors that plug into any sensorProbe+ environmental monitoring appliance

Programmable LCD Displays

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A wireless environmental monitoring system that connects up to 30 4-port sensor pods to a server, communicating over long distance with LoRa™ based wireless communications

sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel

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Environmental monitoring appliances with a built-in LCD display to show data from connected sensors, PoE, 2/4x sensor-ports 1x dry-contact I/O port and 1x UART modem port

sensorProbe2+ LCD

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An IP-based SNMP environmental monitoring appliance with ON DEMAND 8x sensor ports,10x dry-contact I/O ports, 2x 0-5VDC analog input ports, 2x mini-relay ports & PoE


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Compact environmental monitoring appliances with optional PoE and 2x (Basic) or 4x (Pro) sensor-ports; Pro model supporting IPv6, SNMP v3, Modbus TCP/IP, & up to 80 virtual sensors


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Add 1 or 5 dry contacts to an RJ45 sensor port on AKCP environmental monitoring appliances for an ALARM/NORMAL indication in the software, supporting SNMP interface

Dry Contacts to Sensor Port

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Combined sirens and strobes on a single sensor port w/ 100db siren sound and 400x per minute flashing strobe provide an audible and visual alarm when a sensor is in a critical state

Sirens and Strobe Lights

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Isolated digital voltmeters w/ a range of -60 to 0, or 0 to 60 volts, (readings in absolute value or a percentage of full scale) that can also be used to create custom data

DC Digital Volt-Meters

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Network-enabled SNMP temperature sensors with calibration check, housed in a stainless steel tubing that is water-resistant, reducing failure risk caused by water damage

Temperature Sensors

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IP-based SNMP environmental monitoring system supporting sensors, dry-contacts, control relay outputs w/ a customizable modular design and local or extended expansion capabilities


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Single-port dual temperature & humidity sensors for data center monitoring and industrial controls that free up a sensor port on the base environmental monitoring appliance

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

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AKCP spot water sensors detect the presence of water, distilled water, even de-ionised water, encased in epoxy w/ a waterproof finish that withstands being submerged in water

Spot Water Sensors

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AKCP airflow sensors are a switch-type on/off style sensors that measure the presence or the absence of airflow with a threshold setting to determine their sensitivity

Airflow Sensors

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AKCP AC voltage sensors indicate the presence or absence (ALARM / NORMAL condition) of line voltage up to 250V using an AKCP environmental monitoring appliance

AC Voltage Sensors

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Pro or basic environmental monitoring appliances with optional PoE, 1x intelligent sensor port, 1x dry-contact port and 1x hard-wired temperature or dual temperature/humidity sensor


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