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Compact environmental monitoring appliances with optional PoE and 2x (Basic) or 4x (Pro) sensor-ports; Pro model supporting IPv6, SNMP v3, Modbus TCP/IP, & up to 80 virtual sensors
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sensorProbe2+ Basic

1) sensorProbe2+ Basic Model No. SP2+B In stock


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sensorProbe2+ Basic PoE

2) sensorProbe2+ Basic PoE Model No. SP2+B-POE In stock


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sensorProbe2+ Pro

3) sensorProbe2+ Pro Model No. SP2+PRO In stock

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sensorProbe2+ Pro PoE

4) sensorProbe2+ Pro PoE Model No. SP2+PRO-POE In stock

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$317.00   $225.00 MSRP: $345.00 - You save $120.00

Compact environmental monitoring appliances 

with optional PoE and 2x or 4x sensor-ports for external sensors 

SP2+sensorProbe2+ is a 2/4-port environmental monitoring appliance that comes with PoE included as standard.

sensorProbe2+ comes equipped with 4x intelligent sensor ports to connect a wide range of AKCP sensors, with either two or all four of them activated.

sensorProbe2+ allows you to connect external AKCP sensors such as temperature sensor, thermal map or water leak detection to its intelligent sensor ports. You may also connect the sensor splitter box with cabinet thermal maps and contactless current meter, and you have a complete monitoring solution for your rack.

sensorProbe2+ Pro runs the same user interface as the rest of the sensorProbe+ product line, with all the same features such as IPv6, SNMP v3, Modbus TCP/IP, and up to 80 virtual sensors.

sensorProbe2+ can be powered via dual AC or DC inputs, providing redundancy for powering the device. The 12-24VDC or 48-60VDC external power supplies feature dual DC inputs with a single 5VDC output for powering the sensorProbe2+ Pro. Ideal for telecoms applications where DC power comes straight into the cabinets, or in a data center with dual PDUs. Utilize 2x 12VDC power adapters, one on each AC power source, connect them to the DCW024-5 with the output to the DC jack on the sensorProbe2+ Pro. This can function as a redundant power source. Should the mainline power fail the sensorProbe2+ Pro will switch to using the PoE as an alternative power source to the DC jack input.

Centralized Management
If you are deploying multiple AKCP environment monitoring appliances, you can centrally manage them all and monitor their data through AKCPro Server - a best-in-class data center infrastructure management software (DCIM) with a focus on temperature and airflow analysis.

AKCPro Server is FREE for the first year when connected to up to 4 AKCP environmental monitoring appliances.

• Download AKCPro Server here

• Register an account with AKCP here to use the cloud AKCPro Server (instead of downloading it for local use)

• Learn more about AKCPro Server

Camera Support
SensorProbe2+ supports IP camera video streams through a connection to AKCPro Server, running either locally (on your server) or in the cloud.

Using AKCPro Server, images from IP cameras can be synchronized with sensor events (e.g. images captured from an IP camera can be synchronized with a security sensor that's being triggered when a door, or window, opens, providing instant visual feedback on the situation).

Options (purchased separately) may include:
• 4G Modem - Cellular data communications, SMS alerts and phone call notifications 
• External Power Adapter - Power the unit with external AC power supply, or use as a redundant power source with PoE
• 5 Dry-Contact Ports via Sensor Port - Add 5 dry contacts to an RJ45 sensor port
• Dry-Contact Cables - Connect an I/O dry-contact to an RJ45 sensor port
• EXP - Port that is compatible with CCU, E-Opto16 and E-Sensor8 expansion units, as well as doubling as a Modbus RS485 port for monitoring a generator, or other industrial equipment

sensorProbe2+ is manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.

sensorProbe2+ Basic PoE: 2x activated sensor ports; PoE

sensorProbe2+ Pro: 4x activated sensor ports; additional features and protocol support

sensorProbe2+ Pro PoE: 4x activated sensor ports; PoE; additional features and protocol support