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Wall Plates

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HDMI pass-through wall plates for in-wall cabling featuring thin, flexible pigtails for tight bend radius installation & supplementary connections

HDMI Pass-Through Wall Plates

Starting at $22.75 view

Brushed-aluminum, single- and double-gang wall plates supporting HDMI, VGA, composite and S-video, stereo audio, 3.5mm, USB and keystone connectors

Audio/Video Brushed-Aluminum Wall Plates

Starting at $26.65 view

In-wall or recessed power pass-through and HDTV A/V cable extension wall plates compliment wall mount HDTVs installations with no cords visible

Power Extension Wall Plates

Starting at $26.65 view

Single- or double-gang Bulk-wire and cable pass-through wall plates with recessed opening directs cables at a 90° angle, without protruding

Pass-Through Wall Plates

Starting at $4.49 view

Feed-thru wall plates for HDMI, optionally combined with Component, F-type video, RCA composite video, RCA stereo audio and RCA digital audio

HDTV Wall Plates

Starting at $7.99 view

RJ45 Keystone jacks for CAT-5e cables - work with any standard Keystone and angled multimedia wall-plate, surface-box or patch panel - no punch-down tool needed!

Keystone Tool-Less CAT-5e RJ45 Jacks

Starting at $3.17 view

Available in 9 colors to match housing or allow color-coded designation port, keystone jack includes 110-type IDC termination with strain relief caps; 50µ inch gold plating contacts

Keystone CAT-6 RJ45 Jacks

Starting at $4.54 view

Keystone insert jacks featuring gold plated contacts work in conjunction with wall-plates, surface boxes or any standard keystone patch panels

Keystone CAT-5e RJ45 Insert Jacks

Starting at $2.87 view

Wall plate inserts with one, two or three solder-style RCA jacks for composite audio/video and optional F-type coupler for home theater A/V

Decorative RCA Wall Plates

Starting at $7.79 view

RCA composite audio/video wall-plate inserts are stamped from 20 gauge steel and painted to match your room décor for a professional finish

Decorative Composite Wall Plates

Starting at $7.79 view

Keystone snap-in jacks for wall-plates, surface boxes and keystone patch panels providing connectivity for networking, home office, audio/video

Snap-In Keystone Modules

Starting at $1.03 view

NEMA-compatible flush-mount multimedia wall plates for Keystone jacks or inserts for Ethernet networking, data, voice, audio/video, fiber optic

Keystone Wall Plates

Starting at $0.89 view

Stainless steel NEMA compatible Keystone wall plates provides a professional appearance for voice, data, audio, video, fiber optic applications

Keystone Stainless Steel Wall Plates

Starting at $6.47 view

NEMA- and Decora®-compatible inserts for snap-in modules bring voice, data, audio and video together in one wall plate w/ convenient flexibility

Decorative Keystone Inserts

Starting at $0.59 view

Single- and double-gang HD15, HDMI, F-Type TV, 3.5mm, S-video, composite video, stereo audio, USB and Keystone-insert stainless steel wall plates

Audio/Video Feed-Through Wall Plates

Starting at $35.97 view

Feed-through audio/video wall-plate inserts that fit standard electrical boxes with HD-15 (VGA), HDMI, composite, RCA-audio and 3.5mm audio

Decorative Audio/Video Wall Plate Inserts

Starting at $15.79 view

Connect a TV, computer-monitor and stereo speakers to video and audio distribution wiring within a field-terminated metal wall plate

Audio/Video Terminator Wall Plates

Starting at $32.17 view

Single- and double-gang brushed aluminum grommet wall plates provide commercial/institutional functionality plus attractive, durable design

Grommet Wall Plates

Starting at $11.37 view

Speaker-wire binding-posts wall plate inserts in colors to match the room décor, with color-coded jacks for speaker-polarity identification

Speaker-Wire Binding-Posts Wall Plates

Starting at $14.29 view