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Cable Terminator Wall Plate - Stereo Audio

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Cable Terminator Wall Plate - Stereo Audio
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Field-terminate audio/video cables wall-mounted connectors for TV/monitor and audio-speaker cable extension.

The Cable Terminator Wallplate connects a television/monitor and stereo speakers to video and audio distribution wiring within a wall. It can be used to connect VGA video, composite video or S-Video televisions/monitors to home entertainment systems, cable television boxes, DVD players, etc. The cable terminator wallplate features set-screw terminal slots that accommodate straight routing of the wires for easy, clean connections.

Features and Benefits
• No special tools needed. Terminal block design with set screws provides reliable electrical connections.
• Connectors on the back of the wallplate are specially oriented to permit an almost straight routing of the wires.
• Proper installation is practically foolproof. The terminal block area is clearly marked, and a wiring diagram is included.
• Eliminates cable clutter.