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External intelligent, or analog, or dry-contact sensors that get connected to an environmental monitoring appliance for probing value-conditions such as temperature / humidity, or state-conditions such as On/Off.
Note: Sensors are compatible only with monitoring appliances of the same brand

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Extendable or fixed-length rope water sensors for detecting water leaks over a large area with optional 'locate' capabilities for identifying the location of the first leak

Rope Water Sensors

Starting at $252.00 view

A complete rack monitoring system with top, middle and bottom cabinet thermal and humidity maps, and front-to-back thermal and pressure differentials

Thermal Map smartRack Sensors

Starting at $170.99 view

Isolated digital voltmeters w/ a range of -60 to 0, or 0 to 60 volts, (readings in absolute value or a percentage of full scale) that can also be used to create custom data

DC Digital Volt-Meters

Starting at $130.49 view

Network-enabled SNMP temperature sensors with calibration check, housed in a stainless steel tubing that is water-resistant, reducing failure risk caused by water damage

Temperature Sensors

Starting at $40.49 view

Single-port dual temperature & humidity sensors for data center monitoring and industrial controls that free up a sensor port on the base environmental monitoring appliance

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Starting at $80.99 view

AKCP spot water sensors detect the presence of water, distilled water, even de-ionised water, encased in epoxy w/ a waterproof finish that withstands being submerged in water

Spot Water Sensors

Starting at $130.49 view

AKCP airflow sensors are a switch-type on/off style sensors that measure the presence or the absence of airflow with a threshold setting to determine their sensitivity

Airflow Sensors

Starting at $130.49 view

AKCP AC voltage sensors indicate the presence or absence (ALARM / NORMAL condition) of line voltage up to 250V using an AKCP environmental monitoring appliance

AC Voltage Sensors

Starting at $130.49 view

Monitor intrusion from doors, sliding doors and windows; acoustically detect the cracking of glass; detect tampering with drawers/alarm boxes; sends activation signal when emergency/panic buttons is pressed

ENVIROMUX Intrusion/Security Sensors

Starting at $3.99 view

vibration sensors for registering movement and shocks sensed through surface to which they are mounted; detect over- or under-vibration in machinery; detect climb over or cut through wire mesh fences

ENVIROMUX Vibration Sensors

Starting at $27.57 view

Use a self-adhesive sensor tape with copper fiber electrodes and a durable netted cover for dependable detection of conductive liquids and warning of flooding

ENVIROMUX Tape-Style Water Detectors

Starting at $413.00 view

Point leak detection sensors for warning of flooding, used to detect fluids in confined areas such as condensation drip pans or under HVAC equipment, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

ENVIROMUX Spot Liquid Detection Sensors

Starting at $119.47 view

Non-contact ultrasonic liquid-level transmitters provide real-time monitoring of fluid levels, and float-switches sensing when liquid rises above or drops below a certain level

ENVIROMUX Liquid-Level Probes

Starting at $16.54 view

Addressable leak location detection sensors for monitoring up to 4,000 feet of liquid location detection sensor cable reporting the location where a water leak is occurring

ENVIROMUX Leak Location Detection Sensors

Starting at $147.04 view

Magnetic door position sensors monitor access doors or cabinets that should remain closed, letting Watchdog monitoring appliance know when a door is open

Geist Watchdog Door Position Sensors

Starting at $32.79 view

Rope-style liquid detection sensors for detecting water presence and warning of flooding, includes a 5 to 100 foot 2-wire cable for connecting the sensor to ENVIROMUX monitoring appliance

ENVIROMUX Rope-Style Leak Detectors

Starting at $23.99 view

Allow a Geist Watchdog climate monitor to detect leaks that could damage your equipment, measuring conductivity and indicating whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water

Geist Watchdog Flood Sensors

Starting at $92.79 view

CO and CO2 continuous air monitoring; monitor the presence of hydrogen sulfide; detect leaks of hydrogen, methane, propane, butane, acetylene; for use with ENVIROMUX environmental monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Gas Detectors/Sensors

Starting at $266.00 view

RJ11 and K-Type Thermocouple sensors compatible with ENVIROMUX® E-1W

ENVIROMUX 1-Wire and K-Type Sensors

Starting at $11.95 view

All-in-one Watchdog temperature airflow humidity and dew-point (RTAFHD3) sensors provide multiple remote environment readings as a complete package

Geist Watchdog Temperature / Airflow / Humidity / Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $167.19 view

Daisy-chainable temperature/humidity/dew-point Watchdog sensors for in-row monitoring of multiple racks, with optional 3-point measuring per rack

Geist Watchdog Temperature/Humidity/Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $159.99 view

Spot-leak or rope-style liquid-chemical detection sensors for detecting the presence of chemical liquid, reliably sense acids, bases, and other conductive liquids

ENVIROMUX Chemical-Detection Sensors

Starting at $56.49 view

Day/night, indoor/outdoor, wireless and wired IP surveillance cameras for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems forward an e-mail alert on triggered (programmed event) snapshots

ENVIROMUX IP Surveillance Cameras

Starting at $170.02 view

Dust-resistant air velocity sensors and air flow sensors alert on insufficient flow of air resulting from malfunctioning cooling fan, increased friction, or physical blockage

ENVIROMUX Air Flow/Velocity Sensors

Starting at $43.99 view

Ionization and photoelectric smoke detection sensors for use with ENVIROMUX environmental monitoring systems for warning of smoke and invisible fire particles

ENVIROMUX Smoke Detectors/Sensors

Starting at $29.99 view

Water-sensing cable system to surround a room's perimeter or encircle rows of racks, provides warning of water entry along the whole length

Geist Watchdog WaterSnake

Starting at $47.19 view

Barometric pressure transmitters; outdoor temperature sensors; wind speed sensors/anemometers for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Weather & Outdoor Sensors

Starting at $73.99 view

Detect conductive fluids and moisture under carpets up to 1000 feet away to trigger an alert on ENVIROMUX environment monitoring system; featuring 100% waterproof electronics

ENVIROMUX Under Carpet Leak Detectors

Starting at $7.99 view

ENVIROMUX environment monitoring system resistance temperature detector (RTD) transmitters & sensors, for high accuracy and wide range reading

ENVIROMUX RTD Sensors/Transmitters

Starting at $44.99 view

Remote controlled power relays, power transducers, voltage Detectors and voltage monitors for ENVIROMUX server environment monitoring system

ENVIROMUX Power Relays & Sensors

Starting at $69.99 view

Infra-red motion sensors register movement in covered area; photobeam detectors send an alert signal when invisible beam is broken; indoor/outdoor use with ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Motion Sensors

Starting at $37.99 view

Water-sensing cable system to surround a room's perimeter or encircle rows of racks, provides warning of water entry along the whole length

Geist Watchdog WaterSnake Kits

Starting at $1,104.00 view

Watchdog remote temperature sensors encapsulated with stainless steel sheath probes (1.25" long) sealed with waterproof heat shrink tubing for monitoring hot spots

Geist Watchdog Temperature Sensors

Starting at $77.59 view

Use Geist Watchdog environmental monitors to get alerts and monitor low-voltage DC power, detect power outages, monitor current and track DC voltage systems

Geist Watchdog Power Monitoring

Starting at $87.99 view

Photoelectric-type smoke alarms for use as an alert device connected to a Watchdog monitoring appliance, with a solid state piezo signal to warn and alert to the presence of threatening smoke

Geist Watchdog Smoke Alarms

Starting at $439.00 view

Temperature, humidity, dew-point sensors that work with ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems, in industrial, pipe, probe styles w/ optional LCD display and DIN mounting

ENVIROMUX Temperature, Humidity, Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $38.99 view

0 to 3000 psi intrinsically safe pressure sensor transmitters monitor pressures in explosive atmospheres with barrier; measure pressure of gases and liquids, hydraulic oils and chemicals

ENVIROMUX Pressure Sensor Transmitters

Starting at $234.00 view