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External digital or analog (dry-contact) sensors that get connected to a monitoring appliance for probing environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, airflow etc.
Note: Sensors are compatible only with monitoring appliances of the same brand

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RJ11 and K-Type Thermocouple sensors compatible with ENVIROMUX® E-1W

ENVIROMUX 1-Wire and K-Type Sensors

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All-in-one temperature airflow humidity and dew-point (RTAFHD3) sensors provide multiple remote environment readings as a complete package

Temp/Airflow/Humidity/Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $113.39 view

Daisy-chainable temperature/humidity/dew-point sensors for in-row monitoring of multiple racks, with optional 3-point measuring per rack

Temperature/Humidity/Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $81.89 view

Carbon dioxide/monoxide room sensors and gas detectors; ionization and photoelectric smoke detection sensors for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Smoke & Gas Detectors/Sensors

Starting at $30.72 view

Water-sensing cable system to surround a room's perimeter or encircle rows of racks, provides warning of water entry along the whole length


Starting at $14.55 view

Liquid (up to 1000 feet), point-leak, spot, tape-style and under-carpet-leak liquid detection and water level sensors for ENVIROMUX

ENVIROMUX Liquid-Detection Sensors

Starting at $6.00 view

ENVIROMUX environment monitoring system resistance temperature detector (RTD) transmitters & sensors, for high accuracy and wide range reading

ENVIROMUX RTD Sensors/Transmitters

Starting at $31.99 view

Remote controlled power relays, power transducers, voltage Detectors and voltage monitors for ENVIROMUX server environment monitoring system

ENVIROMUX Power Relays & Sensors

Starting at $72.00 view

Motion (infra-red) / intrusion (door, glass, tamper) / vibration / security sensors and accessories for use with ENVIROMUX environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Motion/Intrusion/Vibration/Security Sensors

Starting at $4.00 view

Water-sensing cable system to surround a room's perimeter or encircle rows of racks, provides warning of water entry along the whole length

WaterSnake Kits

Starting at $485.00 view

Remote temperature sensors encapsulated with stainless steel sheath probes (1.25", 4" or 10" long) sealed with waterproof heat shrink tubing

Temperature Sensors

Starting at $26.99 view

Use ITWatchDogs environmental monitors to get alerts and monitor low-voltage DC power, detect power outages, monitor current and track Dc voltage systems

Power Monitoring

Starting at $47.53 view

Flood, door-position & smoke sensors/alarms that connect to an analog (dry-contact) input port (or via A2D to a digital port) on Watchdog climate monitors

Dry-Contact Sensors

Starting at $15.52 view

Liquid-chemical detection sensors for detecting the presence of chemical liquid - reliably senses acids, bases, and other conductive liquids

ENVIROMUX Chemical-Detection Sensors

Starting at $33.59 view

ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D dust resistant air velocity sensors and air flow sensors that alert on insufficient flow of air

ENVIROMUX Air Flow/Velocity Sensors

Starting at $55.68 view

Barometric pressure transmitters; outdoor temperature sensors; wind direction sensors and speed sensors/anemometers for ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D

ENVIROMUX Weather & Outdoor Sensors

Starting at $62.39 view

Temperature and humidity sensors that work with ENVIROMUX-16D/5D/2D enterprise environment monitoring systems

ENVIROMUX Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Starting at $48.00 view