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AC to USB adapters simultaneously charge up to four mobile devices from one outlet w/ folding AC prongs & a compact design for easy portability

USB Wall Chargers

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USB 3.1 Type-C video adapters output DisplayPort / HDMI video and audio or VGA video from a computer's USB Type-C port to connect extra monitors

USB Type-C Video Adapter Cables

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A direct laptop-to-server connection for easy access to repair a computer system, eliminating the need to move around a large and heavy crash cart

Laptop USB Console Adapter

Starting at $379.00 view

Turn your laptop into a complete workstation w/ power delivery, two extra screens, a full-sized keyboard/mouse, external hard drives, printer, webcam

Docking Stations

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ATEN USB-C video adapters transfer the video of from USB-C equipped laptop, tablet or computer to an HDMI 4K or VGA display or projector

USB-C Video Adapters

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Convert a USB-C connection to an external VGA or 4K Ultra-HD HDMI video output w/ optional Ethernet network and a USB Type-A port connections

ViewPro-C USB-C Video Adapters

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Wirelessly stream content from your PC, smartphone, tablet and or Intel WiDi computer to your big screen HDTV in Full HD and audio, 50 feet

Wireless HD Screen Mirroring

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7,000 to 16,000mAh-capacity USB portable, external battery chargers w/ up to 3.4 Amps for recharging smartphones and tablets up to 8 times

GearPower on the Go

Starting at $26.96 view

Charge 2 or 4 iPhones and iPads simultaneously with available 4.2 Amps & optional output balancing between devices to maximize charging rate

GearPower at Home

Starting at $19.47 view

Connect an HDMI, DVI or VGA screen or projector to a USB Type-C port to display audio/video from a USB 3.1 laptop, no device drivers required

USB-C Video Adapters

Starting at $29.95 view

USB Type-C external video adapters used to turn a USB 3.1 port into a 4K HDMI or DisplayPort port, or a VGA port for displaying video from a USB 3.1 device

USB-C Video Adapters

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HDMI, DVI or VGA EDID emulators w/ built-in wizard provide constant, reliable data for the source device to efficiently optimize video resolution

EDID Emulators

Starting at $86.89 view

Wirelessly stream Full HD content from 5 sources to 2, 3, 4, or five HDTVs with 3D support, with no line-of-sight required up to 200 feet away

Wireless Matrix HDTV Streaming

Starting at $399.00 view

PS3 / Xbox game console controller/emulator allows taking advantage of user's keyboard and mouse skills to dominate on their video game system


Starting at $89.96 view

EDID emulators, learn up to four EDID configurations at once provide a constant signal to the computer, whether the displays are present or not


Starting at $111.75 view

Watch HD movies, view photos, play games from an MHL-enabled mobile phone or tablet on your TV with 1080p video and 7.1 channel digital audio

USB MHL HD Video Adapters

Starting at $19.49 view

Wirelessly stream HD content with 3D support and 5.1 surround sound audio from up to 3 HDMI sources to your HDTV or HDMI projector, 100 feet

Wireless HDMI Audio/Video Streaming

Starting at $224.00 view

Lightweight USB AC and DC adapters charge your cell phone or PDA from any 110 or 220 Volt AC outlet or from your car's cigarette lighter

USB Power Adapters

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Provide DDC/EDID data about the physical characteristics of a VGA screen directly to the video card; VGA to DVI-D, USB powered video converters

Video Accessories

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Touch point stylus leave no finger smudge marks when sliding, drawing, tapping, playing games or writing on your iPad, tablet or smart-phones

Tablets/Smartphones Accessories

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Get your Ethernet-enabled devices such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray™ players, computers or HDTV connected to your wireless home network

Wi-Fi Networking

Starting at $36.95 view

Share two MP3 devices between two audio outputs (speakers, headphone, etc.); or three TOSLink optical components with one home theater system

Audio Switches

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USB to DVI external dual or multi-monitor video adapter used to turn a USB 2.0 port into a DVI port, with resolutions up to 1920x1200

USB to DVI Video Adapters

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RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 bidirectional converters with point-to-point, multidrop and simplex/duplex selectability supporting up to 32 receivers

RS-232 to RS-485/RS-422 Converters

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2- and 4-port automatic printer switches automatically switch to the printing computer, or share any USB 2.0 device between 2 or 4 computers

Automatic Printer Switches

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Serial adapters for interfacing with serial PDAs, digital cameras, modems, GPSs either wirelessly or through an existing USB port

Serial Adapters

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Convert coaxial or optical digital audio source to standard analog left/right stereo audio through RCA-style jacks – or vice versa

Audio Converters

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Hi-speed USB 2.0/3.0 flash drive memory card readers/writers supporting a variety of removable memory cards for bi-directional data transfer

Memory Card Readers

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Digital audio conversion and de-embedding from HDMI or TOSLink to coax and vice versa; TOSLink or S/PDIF audio conversion to RCA or 3.5mm audio up to 3 devices

Audio Converters/De-Embedders

Starting at $17.24 view