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Wall Plate Accessories

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Save money: mount a wall plate into the wall without a back box - compatible with NEMA standards and work with all standard size single- and double-gang wall plates

Wall Plate Mounting Brackets

Starting at $0.99 view

Single and dual NEMA- and Decora®-compatible wall plates for snap-in modules bring voice, data, audio and video together in one wall plate

Decorative Wall Plate Covers

Starting at $1.13 view

Secure and protect your wall-plates with durable wall box, available in ivory or white so you can match to your wall-plates

Wall-Plate Wall Boxes

Starting at $2.96 view

Snap-in Keystone blank modules cover unused ports to keep out dust and debris, allowing for future expansion, optionally accepting keystone jacks

Snap-In Keystone Blank Modules

Starting at $0.75 view

1- 2- and 12-Port Keystone-jack wall-mount boxes can be mounted for either side or base entry of cables with write-on labels with holder

Keystone Surface-Mount Boxes

Starting at $1.94 view