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Video Switches

Switch between multiple video sources and display the selected source (port) on a single screen

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2- and 4-port HDMI switches for sharing a monitor, projector or TV with two or four different HDMI enabled video sources at 1080p or 4K Ultra-HD video resolution

HDMI Video Switchers

Starting at $45.49 view

4K Ultra-HD HDMI auto switchers w/ automatic input detection & selection, and manual or fast auto switching to last connected or preset priority

4K/Ultra-HD HDMI Auto Switchers

Starting at $326.00 view

Connect and switch between 2, 4, or 8 audio/video source computers to a single monitor/projector with full audio and bi-directional RS-232 support

VGA Audio/Video Switches

Starting at $61.49 view

2- and 4-port HDMI video switches w/ audio de-embedding, supporting 1080p/60, Ultra HD/4K, 3D signals, EDID & lossless compressed digital audio

HDMI Switchers with Audio De-Embedding

Starting at $141.09 view

2- and 3-port HDMI switchers w/ optional VGA input and stereo audio, automatically switch to a secondary input upon loss of the primary input

Automatic HDMI Switchers

Starting at $326.00 view

2- 4- 8- and 16-port HDMI audio/video switchers reclock & equalize the signal and switch one of the 2- 4- 8- or 16-inputs to a single HDMI output

HDMI Switchers

Starting at $539.00 view

Switch 4 Ultra HD HDMI sources to one Ultra HD display with lossless audio, HDCP, Deep Color, 3DTV and 4Kx2K Ultra HD support

Ultra-HD HDMI Switchers

Starting at $406.00 view

3- 4- and 8-port HDMI audio/video switches used to view multiple HDMI sources from a single (or dual) HDMI monitor(s) with resolutions up to 4K/Ultra-HD, 1080p and WUXGA

HDMI Switches

Starting at $62.25 view

2- and 4-port video switches allow switching between up to eight different computers' video signals outputting to one VGA display/projector

VGA Video Switches

Starting at $32.25 view

Switch four HDMI 1.3 sources (set-top box, Blu-Ray player, XBox 360) at 1080p full HD with deep color and Dolby TrueHD to one display

HDMI 1.3 Switchers

Starting at $195.57 view

2- 3- 4- and 6-port HDMI selector and auto switches provide crystal clear digital sound and picture @ 1080p, supporting 3D and Deep Color

HDMI Switches

Starting at $24.69 view

HDMI switching between 2 or 4 sources to one HD display w/wireless remote control and RS-232 input, optional scaling and split-screen output

HDMI Switches

Starting at $239.99 view

VGA video switches allow up to 16 computers to be connected to 1 monitor, projector or LCD/plasma screen, with optional audio & RS232 control


Starting at $137.85 view