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Kramer Electronics has been developing creative solution products for video, audio and computer signal management since 1981.  Kramer is an industry leader in product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. With a full range of product offerings including our ProScale™ Presentation Scaler/Switchers, Sierra Video line of large format routers and our world famous TOOLS™, Kramer solutions are extensive.  You can find Kramer products in a wide variety of applications – from simple solutions to complex integrated systems -- from commercial applications to residential uses.

Kramer's philosophy is embodied in our mission statement which reads - Kramer Electronics is dedicated to developing creative, reliable and value oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions, and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support.

That last part of Kramer's mission statement is extremely significant.  Kramer believes their most important responsibility is to always provide the utmost in customer support and service.  Kramer is dedicated to building and maintaining the best relationships possible with its customers.  At Kramer Electronics they pride ourselves on making the very best connections everyday... both through their product and through their people.

Full-featured USB Type-C (male) to USB Type-C (male) active optical cables (AOC) with K-Lock connectors, supporting USB 3.2 Gen-2

USB-C Active Optical Cables

Starting at $292.00 view

SuperSpeed+ USB 3.2 Gen-2 full-featured USB-C (M-M) active cables w/ Kramer's unique K-lock connectors support 4K@60 video, 10Gbps data transfer and 60W charging

SuperSpeed+ Active USB-C Cables

Starting at $131.25 view

USB Type-C to HDMI adapter cables connect a computer, tablet, or smartphone with USB Type-C connector directly to an Ultra-HD 4K HDMI monitor, TV, or projector

USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter Cables

Starting at $39.75 view

DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI 4K active adapters used for true conversion when the source does not support DP++ in either DisplayPort single-mode or dual-mode outputs

DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapters

Starting at $39.75 view

USB 3.1 Type-C video adapters output DisplayPort / HDMI video and audio or VGA video from a computer's USB Type-C port to connect extra monitors

USB Type-C Video Adapter Cables

Starting at $31.99 view

Plenum-rated high-speed HDMI with Ethernet cables for ceiling, floor, and wall runs, featuring 24k gold-plated 15 lbs. pull-resistant connectors

Plenum-Rated HDMI Cables w/ Ethernet

Starting at $73.59 view

4- 8- and 16-port HDMI splitters (distribution amplifiers) reclock and equalizes the signal and distribute it to 4, 8 or 16 identical outputs at 1080p

HDMI Splitters (Distribution Amplifiers)

Starting at $896.00 view

4K @ 60Hz 4:2:0 HDMI audio/video streaming over IP with PoE, HDCP 2.2, infrared, RS-232, USB, PiP and video wall support, unicast or multicast

4K HDMI Streaming w/ USB, IR, RS232 over IP

Starting at $667.00 view

Accept two DisplayPort inputs and select - via front panel, contact closure or IR remote - and route the selected source to a DisplayPort monitor

DisplayPort Switchers

Starting at $131.99 view

Plenum-rated active optical high-speed pluggable HDMI cables with small bending ratio, detachable HDMI heads and install-ready pulling capsules


Starting at $452.00 view

Plenum-rated active optical HDMI 2.0 4K Ultra-HD cables - up to 328 feet long - with pulling capsules for tight conduit in-wall installation


Starting at $273.00 view

Wireless transmitters/receivers for up to 100 feet (through walls & furniture) indoor use, transfer HDMI, multi-channel embedded audio and IR

Wireless HDMI Extenders

Starting at $1,099.00 view

Equalizer and line drivers/repeaters/extenders for HDMI signals, reclocking, regenerating and extending the range for longer cable runs

HDMI Repeaters

Starting at $123.99 view

4K Ultra-HD HDMI auto switchers w/ automatic input detection & selection, and manual or fast auto switching to last connected or preset priority

4K/Ultra-HD HDMI Auto Switchers

Starting at $452.00 view

High-quality LAN-based HD digital signage media players receive content from PC software, then display it via HDMI output up to 4K Ultra-HD

Digital Signage Media Players

Starting at $759.00 view

Distribute 1 or 2 4K Ultra-HD HDMI sources to 2 or 4 extended screens over HDBaseT, supporting EDID & 60Hz refresh rate w/ optional local HDMI

4K HDMI Splitters-Extenders

Starting at $2,348.00 view

High-performance switchers for balanced or unbalanced stereo audio switch any of 4 or 5 signals to a single output on 3.5mm, RCA or XLR jacks

Audio Switches / Splitters

Starting at $252.00 view

Bridge the incompatibility of various audio/video formats by converting one format to another and embedding or de-embedding audio

Video Converters

Starting at $276.00 view

Twisted-pair (STP) transmitter and receiver for DVI extend video signal up to 295 feet with HDCP compliance and EDID pass-through

DVI CATx Extenders with HDCP

Starting at $252.00 view

Collaboration hubs provide common platform for smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect wirelessly, present, collaborate, & engage real time


Starting at $2,175.00 view

High-performance matrix switchers for DVI signals reclock and equalize the signal and route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously

Matrix DVI Switchers

Starting at $4,828.00 view

EDID processors lock EDID signals and support or not support HDCP, audio or deep color signals that may/may not be compatible with the display

EDID Processors

Starting at $151.99 view

Single- 2- and 4-port bidirectional Ethernet controllers allow up to four RS-232/485 serially-controllable devices to be controlled over IP

Ethernet Serial Controllers

Starting at $212.00 view

Distribute one 4K Ultra-HD HDMI source to 2, 3, 4 or 8 local screens, supporting Deep Color, Lip Sync, audio, EDID and 60Hz refresh rate

4K HDMI Splitters

Starting at $364.00 view

One DVI-D video source amplified, split and distributed to 2, 4 or 12 screens with HDCP compliance, supporting 1080p and 1920x1200 resolutions

DVI Distribution Amplifiers

Starting at $552.00 view

2-input, 2- 4- 8- and 16-port HDMI splitters (distribution amplifiers) select one of 2 inputs and distribute it to up to 16 identical outputs

2-Input HDMI Distribution Amplifiers

Starting at $456.00 view

3G HD-SDI ProScale digital scalers up- or down-scale SD, HD and 3G HD-SDI to HDMI, VGA or one of 16 3G HD-SDI resolutions of up to 1080p @60Hz

3G HD-SDI ProScale Digital Scalers

Starting at $796.00 view

2- and 3-port HDMI switchers w/ optional VGA input and stereo audio, automatically switch to a secondary input upon loss of the primary input

Automatic HDMI Switchers

Starting at $248.00 view

2- 4- 8- and 16-port HDMI audio/video switchers reclock & equalize the signal and switch one of the 2- 4- 8- or 16-inputs to a single HDMI output

HDMI Switchers

Starting at $576.00 view

Small, lightweight, detachable DVI fiber-optic transmitter and receiver pairs extend uncompressed resolutions up to 3840x2400 up to 1640 feet

Detachable DVI Extenders over Fiber

Starting at $1,068.00 view

1- to 8-input, 1-to 3-output digital multi-format presentation switchers/scalers for HDMI, DVI, HD-SDI and VGA with professional warp and blend, color correction and geometric processing

Multi-Format Presentation Switchers/Scalers

Starting at $904.00 view

High-performance matrix switchers for HDMI that re-clocks and equalizes the signal and routes any input to any or all outputs simultaneously

Matrix HDMI Switchers

Starting at $979.00 view

Computer graphics VGA video over twisted pair extenders (from one or two sources) up to 820 feet, with optional EDID and EMP protection

VGA Extenders

Starting at $284.00 view

VGA transmitters/distribution amplifiers, receivers and transceivers splitting & extending VGA (1920x1200) and HD up to 320 feet over twisted pair CATx

VGA Splitters-Extenders

Starting at $216.00 view

HDTV-compatible VGA video and stereo or S/PDIF audio over CATx twisted pair extenders up to 750 feet, with optional EDID and EMP protection

VGA+Audio Extenders

Starting at $308.00 view

3- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- or 12-input (HDMI, VGA, composite, component DisplayPort, HD-SDI), 2- 3- or 4-output (HDMI, VGA, HD-SDI) presentation AV switchers

ProScale Presentation Switchers/Scalers

Starting at $1,319.00 view

HDCP compliant HDMI and optional bidirectional IR wall-plate extenders over shielded twisted pair (STP) up to 295 feet with EDID pass-thru

HDMI Wall-Plate Extenders

Starting at $239.00 view

HDMI and optional bidirectional RS232, audio and infrared extension system over one shielded twisted pair (STP) cable up to 295 feet

HDMI over Twisted Pair

Starting at $236.00 view

Active wall-plate HDMI over HDBaseT twisted-pair extenders supporting 1080p and 4K resolution, HDMI deep color, lip sync & Dolby up to 590 feet

Ultra HD HDMI Wall-Plate Extenders

Starting at $288.00 view

HDBaseT twisted-pair extenders with bidirectional RS-232 & IR supporting 1080p & 4K resolution, HDMI deep color, lip sync & Dolby up to 590 feet

HDBaseT HDMI Extenders

Starting at $252.00 view