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ProScale Presentation Switchers/Scalers

ProScale Presentation Switchers/Scalers

3- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- or 12-input (HDMI, VGA, composite, component DisplayPort, HD-SDI), 2- 3- or 4-output (HDMI, VGA, HD-SDI) presentation AV switchers
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1) VP-770 Model No. VP-770 In stock


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MSRP: $2,915.00

2) VP-771 Model No. VP-771 In stock


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MSRP: $4,160.00

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MSRP: $6,175.00

3- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- or 12-input, 2- 3- or 4-output ProScale presentation audio/video switchers/scalers 

Kramer ProScale Presentation Switchers/ScalersKramer's ProScale™ presentation switchers/scalers are high-quality presentation switchers and scalers for a variety of signals. They accepts three to twelve inputs: HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite, DisplayPort (DP), 3G HD-SDI, USB and audio.

Kramer's ProScale™ presentation switchers/scalers scale the video, embed the audio, and outpus the signal to one or two HDMI, VGA, 3G HD-SDI and one DGKat TP extended display over CAT-5, together with digital audio, unbalanced stereo and a 2x10-watt amplified balanced stereo speaker outputs.

VP-440: 6-inputs (4x HDMI; 2x VGA); 2 HDMI outputs (local and HDBaseT)

VP-444: 12-inputss (10x HDMI; 2x VGA); microphone inputss; Ethernet control

VP-445: 12-inputs (6x HDMI; 4x VGA; 2x Composite); 2x microphone inputss; 2x HDMI mirrored outputs; speakers outputs

VP-460: 3-inputs (3G HD-SDI, VGA and Composite); 2-outputs (HD-SDI, HDMI)

VP-461: 3-inputs (HDMI; DisplayPort; VGA); 2-outputs (HDMI; VGA)

VP-732: 10-inputs (4x HDMI; 4x universal-analog; 2x DisplayPort); 4x outputs (2x HDMI; 1x DisplayPort; 1x VGA); preview & program outputs; PiP; 4K

VP-734: 7-inputs (4x HDMI; 1x DisplayPort; 2x analog); 2-outputs (HDMI; VGA); 4K

VP-770: 8-inputs (2x HDMI; 2xVGA; 2x Composite; 1x Component; 1x DisplayPort); 3-outputs (local/remote HDMI, VGA)

VP-771: 9-inputs (2x HDMI; 2x VGA; 2x Composite; 1x Component; 1x DisplayPort; 1x SDI); 4-outputs (local/remote HDMI, VGA, SDI)

VP-772: 8-inputs (HDMI; dvi; VGA; Composite; Component); 2-outputs (local DVI-I)

VP-773A: 8-inputs (4x HDMI; 2x VGA; 1x Composite; 1x DisplayPort); 3-outputs (2x HDMI; 1x HDBaseT); 2K; audio power amplifier

VP-774Amp: 9-inputs (4x HDMI; 2x VGA; 1x Composite; 1x DisplayPort; 1x 3G HD-SDI); 3-outputs (2x HDMI; 1x HDBaseT); 2K; audio power amplifier; speaker outputs

VP-778: 8-inputs (4x HDMI; 2x analog; 2x HDBaseT); 2-outputs (2x HDMI; 2x mirrored HDBaseT); 4K

VP-790: 8-inputs (1x HDMI; 1x VGA; 1x Composite (RCA); 1x Composite (BNC); 1x Component; 1x DVI; 1x SDI; 1x S-video); 3-outputs (DVI/HDMI, VGA, SDI + S/PDIF audio)

VP-796: 8-inputs (HDBaseT; DisplayPort; HDMI; DVI; VGA; Composite); 3-outputs (HDBaseT; HDMI/DVI + S/PDIF audio)