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USB Adapters

Add to your filter a Keyboard/Mouse Interface or a Connector Type you wish to adapt to. The result-set consists of adapters with a USB connector on one side and the connector you added on the other side. Check out the results for gender compatibility with your requirement.

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Use a USB Type-C port on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet to connect to a serial-device, Ethernet network or an old-format USB peripheral

USB-C Adapters

Starting at $11.19 view

USB–PS/2 converters allow using a USB keyboard/mouse to control a legacy PS/2 computer or PS/2 KVM switch or extender, and vice versa

USB-PS/2 Converters

Starting at $55.79 view

Convert 1 or 2 or 4 RS-232 serial devices to USB with no IRQ conflicts - great for PDAs, digital cameras, cell phones, modem, ISDN terminals

USB to Serial Adapters

Starting at $15.79 view

USB-A and USB-B gender changers, designed for durability & long-lasting reliability, backed by's lifetime warranty

USB Gender Changers

Starting at $3.49 view

USB/PDA to RS-232 adapters for connecting serial (DB9 or RJ-45) to USB (Mac, Linux or PC) with data transfer up to 921.6 kbps, remote wakeup and power management

USB to Serial Adapters

Starting at $16.49 view

2- and 4-port USB to serial RS-232/422/485 hubs, compliant with USB 1.1 & 2.0, supporting Windows & Linux and transfers data up to 115 kbps

USB to Serial Hubs

Starting at $59.25 view

USB-PS/2 adapters and converters provide the means for connecting a PS/2 keyboard/mouse to a USB port on a computer or a KVM switch, or vice versa

PS/2 to USB Adapters and Converters

Starting at $13.49 view

PS/2 - USB adapters allow using PS/2-compatible mice and keyboards on computers equipped with a USB port and vice versa

PS/2 - USB Adapters

Starting at $4.99 view

Converting an existing USB port to a 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port without replacing or adding a new network card at speeds up to 1000Mbps

USB Ethernet Adapters

Starting at $22.09 view

Aadapters and cable/adapters from USB to micro-USB, DB9, ATA or IDE Serial, Parallel (for printing), PS/2 (for keyboard/mouse conversion)

USB Adapters

Starting at $2.45 view

USB to PS/2 and USB to Sun adapters; USB to USB straight and articulating adapters and gender-changers

USB Adapters

Starting at $2.76 view

Micro USB, Mini USB, USB B and USB A adapters, converts USB connectors from one type to another and eliminates the need to carry multiple cables

USB Adapters

Starting at $3.28 view