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KVM Dongles

KVM adapters that facilitate a CATx connection between an RJ45 port of a CAT-5 KVM switch and the keyboard, video and mouse ports of the target computer

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Server interface modules CATx "dongles" interface between a server/computer and a Vertiv Avocent KVM switch, supporting video, keyboard, mouse, CAC, virtual media and USB 2.0

IQ Server Interface Modules

Starting at $109.73 view

ATEN CATx KVM adapters (dongles and cable-assemblies) supporting VGA, USB, PS/2 and serial connections to compatible CATx-based KVM switches*

CAT-5 KVM Adapters

Starting at $51.75 view

CATx KVM adapters (dongles) supporting HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, VGA, DVI, USB, PS/2 and serial connections to ATEN's CATx-based KVM switches

CAT-5 KVM Dongles

Starting at $117.75 view

USB computer interface modules [CIMs] (dongles) provide CATx-cabling connection between Dominion a KX/LX KVM switch and servers, supporting virtual media, CAC

Dominion Virtual Media CIMs

Starting at $131.14 view

Computer access modules (CAMs) are "dongles" utilizing CAT-5/5e/6/7 cables to connect servers (USB, PS/2, Sun) to AdderView KVM switches


Starting at $98.99 view

Computer Interface Module (CIM) dongles that provide CATx UTP-cabling connection between a Dominion KX/LX KVM switch and connected servers

Dominion CIMs

Starting at $92.43 view

Multi-user, high-density in-band KVM switches for controlling multi-platform servers from 1000 feet away over CAT-5

Paragon II

Starting at $49.00 view

Remote Interface Cable Connector (RICC) are "dongles" utilizing CAT 5 cables to connect servers to the KVM switch

Smart CAT5 RICCs

Starting at $49.99 view

Paragon offers Cat5 Simplicity for 2-64 users controlling 16 to 10,000 multi-platform servers


Starting at $29.00 view