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Video over IP

Audio/video streaming over an Ethernet network for extending, distributing or multicasting AV with optional RS-232 and IR control (also see KVM over IP). Learn more...

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Extend, split, switch, create video wall and daisy chain 4K or 1080p AV connections over a LAN from point-to-point to many-to-many setups without distance limitations

HDMI over IP

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Extend and distribute HDMI AV w/ HDR, RS-232, and 2-way IR over a LAN for a virtual crosspoint matrix and video-wall at 4k Ultra-HD

4K Ultra-HD HDMI over IP

Starting at $543.00 view

HDMI over IP video, audio, RS-232, and IR point-to-point extension, point-to-many distribution and matrix switching up to a 64x190, with PoE

PureStream HDMI over IP

Starting at $399.99 view

Extend HDMI over Gigabit Ethernet w/ optional IR, RS232 and PoE support, for point-to-point or one-to-many or many-to-many configurations

HDMI Over Gigabit IP Extenders

Starting at $174.59 view

8- and 16-port rack-mount transmitters sending HDMI signals from one rack location to 16 screens located up to 500 feet away over CAT-5e/6 STP

High-Density Rack-Mount HDMI Extenders

Starting at $1,274.00 view

Use CAT-5/6 cables or a Gigabit LAN to broadcast high resolution HDMI A/V, optional infrared control and optional RS-232 up to 500 feet away

HDMI Extenders

Starting at $299.00 view

Cat5 Reach extends access to PCs, servers and KVM switches with DVI and VGA video, audio, RS232 & USB 2.0 peripherals up to 330 feet away using UTP CATx cable

Cat5 Reach

Starting at $789.00 view