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Wall-Mount Racks

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1U, 2U, 4U and 6U hinged wall-mount brackets for mounting patch-panels and shallow network appliances where cabinet rack mounting is not practical and space is limited

Wallit Hinge

Starting at $14.99 view

Flexible wall-mount racks that adapt to the width of your equipment, with optional 16"-deep solid 19-inch rack-mount cantilever shelf

Wallit Flex

Starting at $89.99 view

Wall-mount open 19-inch racks with a front gate that swings-open on hinges w/ 180° positive stop, offering outstanding front and rear access to cables and mounted equipment

Wallit Swinger 100

Starting at $188.00 view

Network and communications wall-mount racks with a forward-tilting mounting frame for easy patch-panel punch-down; equipment and cable access

Wallit Incline

Starting at $169.00 view

12U, 16U and 21U, 12" or 18" deep, fixed, open-frame data-comm wall-mount racks 300 lbs. weight capacity with self-squaring design for easy on-site installation

Wallit Comm

Starting at $98.99 view

Provide mounting for 11U, 12U and 19U 19" networking and telecom equipment where space is a premium and a full size rack cannot be used, supporting 18-25" mounting depth

Swing Out Wall-Mount Open Frame Rack

Starting at $219.00 view

9U 2-post-mounting wall-mount network/communication enclosed racks featuring depth-adjustable front mounting rails and easy, one-person installation

Wallit SH

Starting at $119.99 view

Provide mounting for up to 150 lbs. of 8U, 15U and 30U 19" standard networking and telecom equipment 12- or 18-inches deep with self-squaring design for easy on-site assembly

Wall Mount Open Frame Racks

Starting at $164.29 view

Wall-mount brackets for space-saving rack-mounting equipment flush to the wall vertically or horizontally or under a desk, occupying minimal depth

Wallit Flush

Starting at $68.99 view

2U, 3U and 4U brackets provide six options for vertical mounting of 19" standard network and telecom equipment in locations where space is a premium

Vertical Wall Mount Brackets

Starting at $59.24 view

Hinged brackets for easy access provide mounting for 19 inch standard 2U, 3U and 4U patch panels in locations where space is a premium

Hinged Wall Mount Brackets

Starting at $30.74 view

2U and 4U space-saving wall-mount cases designed for mounting 19-inch rack-mount equipment flush to the wall, either from the side or from the top

Wallit Box

Starting at $19.99 view