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Wall-Mount Racks

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Low profile, light-weight, wall-mountable electronic charging cabinet for storing and charging 8-12, 12" tablets (or laptops, depending on size), including a power strip and cable-management

Wallit Charge

Starting at $526.00 view

8U wall-mount enclosed rack with a smoked scratch-resistant grey acrylic front window and tool-less, snap-in depth-adjustable rack rails for 2- or 4-post equipment mounting

Wallit 88

Starting at $303.00 view

Wall-mount open 19-inch racks with a front gate that swings-open on hinges w/ 180 positive stop, offering outstanding front and rear access to cables and mounted equipment

Wallit Swinger 100

Starting at $188.00 view

12U, 4-post side-load wall-mount racks designed to occupy a small footprint and provide easy equipment-access by facilitating rack-mounting equipment from the side of the rack

Wallit Edge

Starting at $242.00 view

Heavy-duty (150 lb weight-capacity) 16" on center wall-mount open communication rack with a front left- or right-hand swinging gate featuring a 90 positive stop

Wallit Swinger 150

Starting at $199.00 view

Network and communications wall-mount racks with a forward-tilting mounting frame for easy patch-panel punch-down; equipment and cable access

Wallit Incline

Starting at $129.00 view

Security lock boxes for securing digital video recorders (DVRs), VCRs or sensitive network appliances that need to be securely locked up and horizontally mounted to the wall

Wallit DVR

Starting at $98.00 view

12U, 16U and 21U, 12" or 18" deep, fixed, open-frame data-comm wall-mount racks 300 lbs. weight capacity with self-squaring design for easy on-site installation

Wallit Comm

Starting at $87.00 view

Provide mounting for 11U, 12U and 19U 19" networking and telecom equipment where space is a premium and a full size rack cannot be used, supporting 18-25" mounting depth

Swing Out Wall-Mount Open Frame Rack

Starting at $213.00 view

6U, 9U, and 12U 2-post-mounting wall-mount network/communication enclosed racks featuring depth-adjustable front mounting rails and easy, one-person installation

Wallit SH

Starting at $181.00 view

Provide mounting for up to 150 lbs. of 8U, 15U and 30U 19" standard networking and telecom equipment 12- or 18-inches deep with self-squaring design for easy on-site assembly

Wall Mount Open Frame Racks

Starting at $164.29 view

Wall-mount brackets for space-saving rack-mounting equipment flush to the wall vertically or horizontally or under a desk, occupying minimal depth

Wallit Flush

Starting at $40.00 view

2U, 3U and 4U brackets provide six options for vertical mounting of 19" standard network and telecom equipment in locations where space is a premium

Vertical Wall Mount Brackets

Starting at $59.24 view

Hinged brackets for easy access provide mounting for 19 inch standard 2U, 3U and 4U patch panels in locations where space is a premium

Hinged Wall Mount Brackets

Starting at $30.74 view

2U and 4U space-saving wall-mount cases designed for mounting 19-inch rack-mount equipment flush to the wall, either from the side or from the top

Wallit Box

Starting at $39.00 view