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Rackit® Technology Corporation offers IT professionals an array of expert solutions to mount, manage, control, and protect Information Technology infrastructure, making network environment effectively manageable, easily accessible, safe, well maintained, and adaptable to changing requirements.

At Rackit Technology Corporation they are IT people. Being in this industry for over 25 years, they speak your lingo, and specialize in your physical computer and network environment:

• They are experts in KVM switches, utilizing cutting edge technology from leading KVM switch makers, to give you local and remote access and control of multiple servers and network appliances through any number of consoles at the NOC, or extended to your desk, or remotely over IP from around the world.

• They understand all the ins-and-outs of rack mount applications of servers and network appliances in densely populated server racks and computer cabinets, effectively handling real-world issues such as cable management, power distribution, and cooling.

• They offer a wide range of sophisticated external threat detection (ETD) and environment monitoring systems that reduce down time by providing advance warnings on changing environment parameters, allowing remote control and optimal resource allocation.

• They configure LAN and equipment racks, open or enclosed, to optimize the utilization of your limited space in the most functional way.

• Finally, they offer a wide variety of rack accessories to make your data center and computer workplace comfortable and productive.

At Rackit they take the time to listen to your needs, your functional requirements, personal preferences, and space limitations.  Rackit's sales engineers then go to the drawing board to offer you the most functional combination of their wide range of products to manage your computer equipment and control your network appliances.  And after your purchase, Rackit's technical support is always available to you at no charge.

Rackit's industry experience; broad and functional product line; consulting-oriented approach; and commitment to forging long-term relationships make Rackit Technology Corporation a natural partner for any company striving to improve its computer network environment.

Standard warranty: Two years
Rack-products warranty*: Lifetime

* Racks and rack-accessories made out of metal, excluding electrical/electronic accessories

1U, 2U, 4U and 6U hinged wall-mount brackets for mounting patch-panels and shallow network appliances where cabinet rack mounting is not practical and space is limited

Wallit Hinge

Starting at $14.99 view

Flexible wall-mount racks that adapt to the width of your equipment, with optional 16"-deep solid 19-inch rack-mount cantilever shelf

Wallit Flex

Starting at $89.99 view

Sliding (pull-out) 4-post-mounting shelves w/ a multi-depth-mounting design that allows for the shelves' mounting brackets to adjust to the rack's depth, from 22 to 32 inches

SDR 4-Post-Mounting Shelves

Starting at $298.00 view

Sliding (pull-out) 20" deep 4-post-mounting shelves w/ 19~28 inches solid or perforated adjustable mounting depth, 18 inch pull-out slide extension and 100 lb weight capacity

SQR 4-Post-Mounting Shelves

Starting at $138.99 view

24- and 30-in. deep, stationary, vented, heavy-duty 4-post-mounting shelves rated at 200 lb, with depth-adjustable mounting tabs up to 49 in.

HLR 4-Post-Mounting Shelves

Starting at $134.00 view

18- 22¼- and 27¼-in. deep, stationary, vented, 4-post-mounting shelves rated at 150 lb, with depth-adjustable mounting tabs up to 32¼ in.

SSR 4-Post-Mounting Shelves

Starting at $118.99 view

22 to 41 in. deep, stationary, heavy-duty, solid and vented 4-post-mounting shelves with a surface that adjusts to the depth of your rack, rated at up to 275 lb

HVR 4-Post-Mounting Shelves

Starting at $132.99 view

9- and 15-inch deep combination shelves for Relay-racks that may be installed back-to-back creating an 18- 24- or 30-inch deep double-sided mounting surface rated at 150 lb

Combo Shelves

Starting at $68.99 view

28 and 32 inches deep, stationary, heavy-duty 4-post-mounting shelves rated at 300 lb, with depth-adjustable mounting tabs up to 36 inches

HSR 4-Post-Mounting Shelves

Starting at $198.99 view

Single-sided, stationary or sliding 2-post shelves for Relay racks, with a mounting-surface that fills the space between the two rack's uprights for better weight distribution

EIA Shelves

Starting at $78.99 view

4U, 4-post-mounting rack-mount storage drawers that are depth adjustable, featuring a locking top lid and a 19" wide front panel that provides a clean look covering the rack's mounting rails

RMP Rack Drawers

Starting at $438.00 view

Double-sided, extra-strong shelves (70 lb or 350 lb weight rating) offer a total depth of 19 or 24 inches, equally protruding to the front and to the back of any 2-post rack

DSC Double-Sided Shelves

Starting at $73.99 view

2U, 3U and 4U front-mounting rack-mount storage drawers featuring a built in lock, allowing you to secure mission critical hardware and accessories at the rack

FMD Rack Drawers

Starting at $29.99 view

5- 12- 14- and 16-inch deep, solid or vented surface, single-sided heavy-duty 2-post shelves for mounting medium-weight IT peripherals in a 19-inch IT equipment rack

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Shelves

Starting at $24.99 view

12- to 20½ inch deep, solid or vented surface, single-sided 2-post shelves for mounting light- to medium-weight IT peripherals in a 19-inch IT equipment rack

Standard-Duty Cantilever Shelves

Starting at $9.99 view

Wall-mount open 19-inch racks with a front gate that swings-open on hinges w/ 180° positive stop, offering outstanding front and rear access to cables and mounted equipment

Wallit Swinger 100

Starting at $388.00 view

18U to 59U open, 4-post heavy duty equipment racks for mounting servers at 24- 29- 32- or 36-inches depth, can be bolted to the floor with toe-in or toe-out footprint

Servit 4-Post Racks

Starting at $578.00 view

Open, 4-post equipment racks with field-adjustable depth (continuous or in 1-inch increments) up to a maximum depth of 38 inches, for mounting servers, UPSs and network equipment

Servit Depth-Adjustable 4-Post Racks

Starting at $528.00 view

At only 1U, Ventit fan trays create accelerated air-flow throughout a server/equipment cabinet, providing extra vertical or horizontal ventilation in densely populated enclosed racks

Ventit Fan Trays

Starting at $398.00 view

24U and 45U 2-post, cable-management-friendly telco racks made of cold rolled steel with built-in grounding studs, supporting 800 lb weight load

Comit Relay Racks

Starting at $135.00 view

Network and communications wall-mount racks with a forward-tilting mounting frame for easy patch-panel punch-down; equipment and cable access

Wallit Incline

Starting at $169.00 view

Keyboard, optional mouse, optional monitor trays for 2-post or 4-post rack mounting

Keyboard/Mouse Trays

Starting at $55.99 view

2-post aluminum open-bay racks, 18U to 45U, silver-anodized or black-anodized finish that get bolted to the floor, for rack-mounting telco/network/computer equipment

Standard Relay Racks

Starting at $208.00 view

12U, 16U and 21U, 12" or 18" deep, fixed, open-frame data-comm wall-mount racks 300 lbs. weight capacity with self-squaring design for easy on-site installation

Wallit Comm

Starting at $98.99 view

9U 2-post-mounting wall-mount network/communication enclosed racks featuring depth-adjustable front mounting rails and easy, one-person installation

Wallit SH

Starting at $119.99 view

Wall-mount (and under-desk-mount) shelves/brackets for full size or small-form-factor desktop/tower and thin-client computers designed to get the computer off the floor/desktop

Wallit CPU PC Holders

Starting at $39.99 view

M6, #10-32 and #12-24 rack-mounting screws in 'standard', self-tapping or cage-nut style for mounting equipment, shelves and accessories onto IT racks

Rack-Mounting Screws

Starting at $6.00 view

2U and 4U space-saving wall-mount cases designed for mounting 19-inch rack-mount equipment flush to the wall, either from the side or from the top

Wallit Box

Starting at $108.99 view

1U rack-mount LCD USB-VGA KVM console-drawers with a wide (16:9) screen supporting Hi-Def 1080p video and a backlit-illuminated keyboard

Sylphit HD

Starting at $999.00 view

1U, front-mounting and 4-post-mounting integrated USB keyboard/mouse trays - pull it out when needed; tuck it back in to get it out of the way

KR Keyboard/Mouse Sliding Trays

Starting at $298.00 view

High performance, computer grade rack-mount surge protector power strips, 15 or 20 Amps, with 6 or 8 outlets facing the front or the back

Rack-Mount PDUs

Starting at $9.99 view

19" and 17" LCD KVM consoles-drawers with 8- or 16-port KVM over IP switches for local & remote (Internet/LAN) access to USB and PS/2 servers


Starting at $1,598.00 view

Multi-platform rack-mount 17" or 19" LCD KVM console drawers w/ integrated 8- or 16-port KVM switch controlling any mix of USB & PS/2 servers


Starting at $599.00 view

Sylphit Cables

Starting at $13.00 view

1U rack-mount KVM drawer/console tray, with independent slide-outs for a keyboard and a 17" LCD monitor; optional 8- or 16-port PS/2 KVM switch


Starting at $199.99 view

1U, 19" or 17" flat panel LCD screen, affordable, space-saver rack-mount KVM console drawers, with a single-port VGA and USB or PS/2 interface

Sylphit Single-Port

Starting at $1,378.00 view

Zipped 3-in-one PS/2, VGA, KVM cables that split into 3 color-coded connectors on each end, for quick and easy installation

3-in-one Zip KVM cables

Starting at $3.99 view