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1U rack-mount KVM drawer/console tray, with independent slide-outs for a keyboard and a 17" LCD monitor; optional 8- or 16-port PS/2 KVM switch
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1) Sylphit-Duo PS2 DSK-817 [SD] Model No. RCT-DSK817[SD] In stock

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2) Sylphit-Duo-PS2 DSK-817 Model No. RCT-DSK817 In stock



Dual-rail rack-mount LCD KVM console and console/switch

Using only 1U of EIA rack space (1.75" high), Sylphit-Duo-PS2 KVM console drawer is designed for space-saving 19-inch rack-mount applications that require little keyboard/mouse interaction, allowing flush-with-the-rack video monitoring, without protruding out of the rack.

Sylphit-Duo models feature a separate slide-out drawer for the keyboard and mouse, allowing to have the display folded up an visible while the keyboard/mouse is "tucked in", occupying virtually no aisle space in front of the rack.

Each with their own dedicated pulling handle, both the display and the keyboard/mouse drawers can be pulled out separately. Pull out the (lower) keyboard/mouse drawer, and the display drawer slides out open with it. Pull out the display drawer, and the keyboard/mouse drawer remains in place.

Sylphit-Duo rack-mount KVM console drawer is the network administrator's tool of choice when working in space-restricted server farms, crowded industrial and factory environments, and facilities where it isn't convenient or cost-effective to install a full-sized console to interface with a multi-server rack.

Additionally, Sylphit-Duo console/switch models' integrated KVM switch lets administrators instantly access and control up to 16 servers connected to the console.

Sylphit-Duo-PS2 KVM console drawer features a fully functional membrane 105-keys Windows keyboard with a dedicated numeric keypad, an integrated touch-pad pointing device, and an active TFT LCD flat-panel display – protected by anti-glare tempered glass – that can be tilted to adjust to any comfortable viewing angle.

Equipped with two sets of industrial-grade, heavy-duty slide-out rails with depth-adjustable rear mounting support, Sylphit-Duo-PS2 KVM console drawer can be mounted in any standard 19-inch 4-post rack available in the market.

Sylphit-Duo-PS2 KVM console drawers are available in two classes:
S-Class connect to one computer, or one KVM switch; available with 17" displays.
SK-Class come with a built-in 8-port or 16-port KVM switch; available with 17" displays; ship with (8 or 16) 6-feet 3-in-one integrated KVM cables.