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Video Converters

Add the two video interfaces you wish to convert between to your filter. The result-set you get consists of converters from one video interface you selected to the other video interface you selected. Check out the results to determine the product's conversion direction.

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Scale and convert video from an HDMI, DVI or VGA source to SDI formats (and vice versa), including 3G-SDI and single link HD-SDI at 1080p

SDI Converters/Scalers

Starting at $293.00 view

ATEN's HDMI converters offer an easy and convenient way of converting video signals between HDMI and analog video (VGA) or 3G/HD/SD-SDI video

HDMI Video Converters

Starting at $16.49 view

VGA video+audio converters to HDMI, embedding the incoming analog audio onto the HDMI output and up-scaleing VGA resolutions to 720p or 1080p

Video Converters and Scalers

Starting at $225.00 view

Overcome digital/analog video incompatibilities between source and display, while scaling incompatible source resolution to display resolution

Video Format Converters/Scalers

Starting at $195.57 view

VGA (analog) to DVI-D (digital), USB powered video converters

VGA to DVI-D Video Converters

Starting at $125.99 view

Convert analog (VGA) video to digital (DVI or HDMI) with resolution up to 1080p for viewing VGA source on a digital display with stereo sound

Analog to Digital Video Converters

Starting at $71.25 view

Convert analog component, VGA or composite video + audio signals to to digital HDMI video; convert digital HDMI video + audio to analog video + audio

Analog/Didital Audio-Video Converters

Starting at $149.25 view

Convert between digital HDMI A/V and analog VGA+audio; convert between analog A/V formats such as composite, component, S-video, L/R & 3.5mm audio

Video Converters

Starting at $29.24 view

Interchangeable video format converters: digital DVI – analog VGA; computer VGA – TV/VCR/DVD s-video/composite

Video Converters

Starting at $34.99 view

Video adapters and converters which enable converting video signal to emulate other platforms

Raritan Video Adapters/Converters

Starting at $91.08 view