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USB Extenders

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USB 2.0 extender over CATx (328 feet) or IP network, for remotely connecting 4 USB devices (drives, whiteboards) away from a user's work station


Starting at $369.00 view

Extend the distance between a USB 2.0 peripheral and your computer by up to 330 feet using a standard CATx cable

AdderLink C-USB Extenders

Starting at $337.50 view

Small form-factor dongle/wall-plate combo USB 2.0 extension system with high data transfer speeds over standard CAT-5/6 cabling up to 328 feet

TruLink USB 2.0 Superbooster

Starting at $389.00 view

USB extenders over CATx or local area network (Ethernet switch) extend USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices away from a computer, with optional integrated 4-port hub

CAT-5 USB Extenders

Starting at $68.25 view

Extend USB 2.0 up to 325 feet using CAT-5 cable for fully transparent (no emulation used) USB peripheral extension

USB Extenders

Starting at $111.75 view

USB 2.0 singlemode and multimode fiber extenders with 500ma on each of 4 remote USB ports for powering high-power USB devices up to 33,000' away

CrystalLink USB Fiber Extenders

Starting at $1,199.00 view

A bus-powered wallplate/dongle (mix & match) USB extension solution that extends the distance of a USB signal up to 150 feet over CAT-5/5e/6

USB Superbooster

Starting at $46.19 view

Place a USB camera, printer, or any other USB device up to 150 feet away from a host computer over CAT-5e using pocket-sized USB extenders

USB CAT-5 Extender

Starting at $84.99 view

USB 2.0 or 1.1 extenders, extending up to four (4) USB devices over CAT-5 cable up to 330 feet, or over fiber-optic cables up to 1,650 feet away

USB Extenders

Starting at $138.99 view

Connects one USB computer to 1 or 4 USB peripherals, located up to 150 feet away from the computer, using CAT-5 UTP cable


Starting at $26.65 view