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Connects one USB computer to 1 or 4 USB peripherals, located up to 150 feet away from the computer, using CAT-5 UTP cable
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1) XTENDEX USB Extender C5 Model No. USB-C5-200 In stock


$225.00 Compare to MSRP $235.00 - You save $10.00

2) XTENDEX USB Extender LC Model No. USB-C5-LC In stock

$27.84 Compare to MSRP $29.00 - You save $1.16
XTENDEX™ USB break through the 5 meter barrier for USB extension

Break through the five-meter barrier on placement of USB peripherals With NTI's XTENDEX™ USB Extenders.

Ideal for file server control or security surveillance cameras, you can now place up to four (4) USB devices (keyboards, mice, cameras, printers, scanners, etc.) where you need them - up to 150 feet from the host USB computer - using unshielded CAT-5 cable.

Some XTENDEX™ USB Extenders also acts as a remote USB hubs. They are comprised of two units, the Local unit and the Remote unit, which are interconnected with CAT-5 cable. Add peripherals using simple Plug and Play - you don't even need to shut down and restart the computer. The CPU automatically detects the peripheral device and configures the necessary software.