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Infrared (IR) Extenders

8- 16- and 32-port IR blasters to control matrix switching with simultaneous control of up to 32 input devices via infrared

Infrared Blasters

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Data transmitters/receivers for communicating USB, bidirectional RS-232 data & IR signals 330 feet over CAT-5/6 cable, with 4-port USB hub

Data Extenders

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Wireless infrared remote extender extends remote control of devices to distances of 330 feet operating through walls, doors and around corners

Wireless Infrared Remote Extender

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Extend remote control ability - control up to 12 A/V devices located behind doors or in other rooms with IR emitters and repeater kits

Infrared Accessories

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Infrared point to point CAT-5 extender allows the extension of infrared control signals via a single CAT-5 twisted pair cable up to 1000 feet

IR Extenders

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