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Heavy-Duty Cantilever Shelves

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Shelves

5- 12- 14- and 16-inch deep, solid or vented surface, single-sided heavy-duty 2-post shelves for mounting medium-weight IT peripherals in a 19-inch IT equipment rack
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19-12SH Cantilever Shelf

1) 19-12SH Cantilever Shelf Model No. RCT-CS1912SH In stock

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19-14SH Cantilever Shelf

2) 19-14SH Cantilever Shelf Model No. RCT-CS1914SH In stock

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19-16SH Cantilever Shelf

3) 19-16SH Cantilever Shelf Model No. RCT-CS1916SH In stock

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$85.99   $39.99 MSRP: $86.00 - You save $46.01

5- to 16-inch deep, single-sided heavy-duty 2-post shelves 

for mounting IT peripherals in a 19-inch IT equipment rack 

• Compatible with any 2-post rack, 4-post rack and wall-mount rack
• Heavy-duty with a high weight-rating
Rackit's Life-Time Warranty• Reinforcement flanges run the width of the shelves, front and back for added strength and rigidity
• 19" EIA 310-D compliant
• High grade textured black powder-coat finish
• Made in the USA
• Limited lifetime warranty

Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves are designed for general-purpose front-mounting onto a 2-post rack, a 4-post rack or a wall-mount rack for single-sided mounting applications.

Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves are perfect for mounting non-rack-mountable peripherals such as modems, wireless routers, KVM switches and LCD-screens onto a relay rack or a 4-post equipment rack.

When mounted in a 4-post rack, Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves offer the flexibility of being mounted anywhere in the rack without using rear rack-space.

Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves are constructed of 14-gauge steel and features two flanges running the width of the shelves, both in the front and in the back, for added strength and rigidity, supporting up to 150 lb of evenly distributed weight-load.

Each U space on the shelves' mounting flaps features two mounting holes on each side for a super-sturdy installation, supporting rack screws that match your rack. Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves are compatible with any-type IT rack-mounting rails, fitted with either pre-tapped or cage-nut style mounting holes.

Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves are meticulously constructed with rounded corners, eliminating sharp edges which could potentially damage equipment, cabling, or installers' hands while handling.

Made in the USA and offered with a lifetime warranty, Rackit's heavy-duty cantilever shelves feature a textured black powder coat finish that lends durability to the shelves, while helping to keep it free of scratches.

19-05SH Cantilever Shelf: 5-inch deep; solid surface; 25 lb weight rating

19-12SH Cantilever Shelf: 12-inch deep; solid surface; 70 lb weight rating

19-12VH Cantilever Shelf: 12-inch deep; vented surface; 70 lb weight rating

19-14SH Cantilever Shelf: 14-inch deep; solid surface; 120 lb weight rating

19-16SH Cantilever Shelf: 16-inch deep; solid surface; 150 lb weight rating