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KR Keyboard/Mouse Sliding Trays

KR Keyboard/Mouse Sliding Trays

1U, front-mounting and 4-post-mounting integrated USB keyboard/mouse trays - pull it out when needed; tuck it back in to get it out of the way
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KR2 Keyboard/Mouse Tray

1) KR2 Keyboard/Mouse Tray Model No. RCT-KR219 Out of stock


KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray

2) KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray Model No. RCT-KR419 Out of stock



1U integrated USB keyboard/mouse sliding trays 

No more orphan, dangling keyboard and mouse in your rack!

Rackit's KR rack-mount keyboard/mouse tray integrates a full-size 104-key Windows keyboard with a 2-button USB touch-pad into a sturdy, low profile rack-mountable tray that can be installed in any 4-post or 2-post IT equipment rack.

Occupying only one rack-space (1U), the keyboard and touch-pad mouse simply slide out when needed, pushed back in (and locked) when you want it out of the way.

KR4 rack-mount keyboard/mouse tray model supports 4-post-mounting and gets installed into any 19" standard 4-post server rack supporting installation depths up to 36 inches.

KR2 rack-mount keyboard/mouse tray model supports 2-post-mounting (front-mounting only), while the KR extension kit converts the 2-post-mounting model into a 4-post-mounting one.

One of the most robust pull-out keyboard/mouse trays on the market, Rackit's KR rack-mount keyboard/mouse trays feature a sleek design, a steel construction with a durable black powder-coat finish and heavy-duty ball bearing slides, all covered by Rackit's 1-year limited warranty.