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Image 1 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray's key-lock keeps the key in placed while unlocked, so that you don't lose it. view
Image 2 of 7 - KR Keyboard/Mouse Tray's inset handle provides the flexibility to install it in just about any type of rack, cabinet, and enclosure. view

Image 3 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, top view. view
Image 4 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, back view. view

Image 5 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, side view. view
Image 6 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, bottm view. view

Image 7 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Trays feature a 104-key Windows keyboard with an integrated 2-button touch-pad pointing device. view

KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray

Model No. RCT-KR419 In stock

KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray
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RCT-KR419: 1U, 4-post-mounting integrated USB keyboard/mouse tray 

No more orphan, dangling keyboard and mouse in your rack!

Rackit's KR4 rack-mount keyboard/mouse tray integrates a full-size 104-key Windows keyboard with a 2-button USB touch-pad into a sturdy, low profile rack-mountable tray that can be installed in any 4-post IT equipment rack.

Occupying only one rack-space (1U), the keyboard and touch-pad mouse simply slide out when needed, pushed back in (and locked) when you want it out of the way.

KR4 rack-mount keyboard/mouse tray model supports 4-post-mounting and gets installed into any 19" standard 4-post server rack supporting installation depths up to 36 inches.

One of the most robust pull-out keyboard/mouse trays on the market, Rackit's KR rack-mount keyboard/mouse trays feature a sleek design, a steel construction with a durable black powder-coat finish and heavy-duty ball bearing slides, all covered by Rackit's 1-year limited warranty.

Always Available, Space Saver
The slim 1U 19" EIA compliant design requires very little of your expensive network real-estate. Pull it out when needed; tuck it back in to get it out of the way - no more cumbersome dangling peripherals in your IT rack.

Secure, Locking Tray
The locking feature keeps the keyboard/mouse tray securely closed, even in a mobile rack application. If controlled access is a concern, mount the keyboard/mouse tray just below a shelf or network device - this will prevent un-restricted use unless the drawer is unlocked and pulled out.

Sturdy, Sleek, Durable
The heavy-duty ball bearing slides provide a smooth transition between the keyboard/mouse tray's open and closed position within the sturdy steel construction and durable powder-coat finish.

Updated Compatibility
The Keyboard/mouse tray includes a 104-key Windows QWERTY keyboard with a built-in touch pad mouse. With a single USB cable to plug into your server or KVM switch, it is compatible with virtually any OS that supports USB.

No Cable Tangles
The keyboard and mouse's single USB cable is securely fastened to the base of the keyboard/mouse tray, preventing it from being damaged while the keyboard/mouse tray slides in and out.

Fits Any Rack
Having a handle that sticks out of the front of the keyboard/mouse tray can prohibit you from being able to install it into racks and enclosures that have front doors. The inset handle on Rackit's KR rack-mount keyboard/mouse tray gives you the flexibility to install it in just about any type of rack, cabinet, and enclosure.

You ordered the 2-post model and now you need the 4-post version? No problem. With the optional extension kit (purchased separately) you can quickly convert your KR2 2-post model to a 4-post keyboard/mouse tray.

Features and Benefits
• 19" rack-mount keyboard/mouse drawer
• Slim 1U design
• Lockable
• 104-key Windows USB keyboard
• Integrated 2 button USB touchpad
• 1U heavy-duty steel construction with lock-out ball bearing slides
• 4-post-mounting with rear mounting brackets adjustable for 20" to 36" depth
• Durable black powder-coat finish
• Made in the USA