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Image 1 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray's key-lock keeps the key in placed while unlocked, so that you don't lose it. view
Image 2 of 7 - KR Keyboard/Mouse Tray's inset handle provides the flexibility to install it in just about any type of rack, cabinet, and enclosure. view

Image 3 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, top view. view
Image 4 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, back view. view

Image 5 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, side view. view
Image 6 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray, bottm view. view

Image 7 of 7 - KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Trays feature a 104-key Windows keyboard with an integrated 2-button touch-pad pointing device. view

KR4 Keyboard/Mouse Tray

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