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BrightSign, the global market leader in digital signage players, manufactures media players, and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the marketplace.

Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign's slim OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional Full HD and 4K video quality with a solid-state platform you can depend on. This PC-less solution delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability and affordability. Plus BrightSign's green, energy-efficient media players consumes less power to help keep operating costs down. Perfect for digital signage, retail information displays, entertainment, leisure, education, message boards or media player streaming to a digital sign.

Easy to use, sophisticated features
Full HD and 4K media playback, live HDTV input and Live Text, HTML5, powerful video decode and scaling technology, advanced interactive options. With BrightSign you get dynamic results without difficulty. Bypass the digital signage learning curve completely with BrightSign's abundant, easy-to-use features and simple presentation creation tools for building multi-screen video walls, multi-zone screen layouts and more. Hook your audience with dynamic content integration and engaging interactive controls. BrightSign's abundance of sophisticated features means that you'll be limited only by your imagination.

All inclusive options
All BrightSign models include free BrightAuthor software, providing an easy way to create and publish presentations using an intuitive drag and drop interface. Every network media player includes free networking solutions as well as options for measurement and feedback reports, content management and network administration tools. With a wide range of networking options and feature-rich software available in multiple languages, BrightSign offers the best-equipped signage solution on the market today.

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Digital audio players delivering flawless, audio experiences w/ the latest sound technologies for playing quality, high-bandwidth audio on an ultra-affordable, cloud-based platform

BrightSign Audio Players

Starting at $156.75 view

H.265, 4K60 or Full-HD (1080p) single video decoding, HTML5 digital-signage media players for playback from local, networked and streaming sources w/ interactive control

HD Digital Signage Media Players

Starting at $404.00 view

H.265, enterprise HTML5 digital-signage media players supporting 4K upscaling, dual-video decoding, live TV playback w/ Gigabit Ethernet and PoE

XT Digital Signage Media Players

Starting at $693.00 view

Qualified and dependable, BrightSign approved MicroSD memory cards deliver reliable and high-quality performance for BrightSign applications

MicroSD Memory Cards

Starting at $17.99 view

Low cost commercial-grade media players for H.265 HDMI 2.0 1080p audio/video distribution w/ USB type-C interface port and 100baseT Ethernet

LS Media Players

Starting at $279.00 view

Secure and scalable cloud-based digital signage network service to serve and support your digital signage network via BrightAuthor and WebUI

BrightSign Network

Starting at $98.99 view