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IP-based SNMP environmental monitoring system supporting sensors, dry-contacts, control relay outputs w/ a customizable modular design and local or extended expansion capabilities
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SPX4, 1U

1) SPX4, 1U Model No. SPX4 Usually ships within three weeks or less


$589.00 MSRP: $655.00 - You save $66.00
SPX4, 1U w/ Dry-Contact, Analog & Relay

2) SPX4, 1U w/ Dry-Contact, Analog & Relay Model No. SPX-U-D1-V5MR In stock



$823.00 MSRP: $915.00 - You save $92.00
SPX4, PoE, 1U

3) SPX4, PoE, 1U Model No. SPX4-POE-DC48 Usually ships within three weeks or less


$679.00 MSRP: $755.00 - You save $76.00
SPX4-X10, 1U

4) SPX4-X10, 1U Model No. SPX4-X10 Usually ships within two weeks or less



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SPX8, 1U

5) SPX8, 1U Model No. SPX8 Usually ships within two weeks or less



$729.00 MSRP: $810.00 - You save $81.00
SPX8, PoE, 1U

6) SPX8, PoE, 1U Model No. SPX8-POE-DC48 Usually ships within three weeks or less



$819.00 MSRP: $910.00 - You save $91.00
SPX8-X20, 1U

7) SPX8-X20, 1U Model No. SPX8-X20 Usually ships within two weeks or less



$889.00 MSRP: $990.00 - You save $101.00

sensorProbeX+ IP-based SNMP environmental monitoring system 

sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) is a versatile IP based environmental monitoring system that supports the connection of AKCP's intelligent sensors, dry-contact I/O's and 0-5VDC or 4-20mAmp analog inputs, control relay outputs and monitor third party devices.

SPX+ is compatible with all AKCP sensors, including the "smart sensors" such as swing handle locks, cabinet thermal maps, LCD display and battery monitoring sensors.

You may monitor multiple SPX+ units from AKCPro Server for centralized monitoring and management of all devices.

SPX+ has a customizable modular design.

Every SPX+ features an MCU module - the core of sensorProbeX+, it forms the base configuration of every unit. It includes:
4x Intelligent sensor ports
1x 10/100 Ethernet port
1x Dual-purpose expansion (EXP) port functions as an RS485 Modbus* port as well as for connecting with AKCP expansion modules
1x Basic expansion bus (BEB) port that connects SPX+ to SPX+ basic expansion units comprised of additional SPX+ modules (a maximum of 4x BEB units can be connected to a single SPX+)

Additional modules include:

• sensor4: provides 4 additional intelligent sensor ports, allowing you to build your SPX+ to your requirements. Connect a wide range of intelligent sensors and smartRack sensors such
as Cabinet Thermal Maps, Programmable LCD Display and RFID Swing Handle Locks.

• Dry contacts: Dry contact modules can be added in x10 and x20 blocks. The dry contacts can be ordered as I/O, isolated input only (internal 5V) and isolated input only (external 5-30V). Dry contacts can be used to monitor a variety of third party devices and alarm panels.

• Cellular Modem: 4G cellular data modem module provides a primary or backup method of communication. Send SMS and e-mail alerts directly from the device through the cell network. Ideal for remote site locations and those with unreliable DSL connection.

• 4x Mini Relays: This module includes 4x mini DC relays. Use them to switch on/off low current devices directly, or use them to drive larger relays. Ideal for systems and control, building and industrial automation.

• 4x Analog Inputs: This module is ideal for connecting third party analog sensors with a 0-5VDC or 4-20mAmp scale output. Many industrial sensors are available with this scale output,
opening up the possibilities of monitoring many different sensors not provided by AKCP.

• 2x Mini Relays and 2x Analog Inputs:  This module is a combination of 2x relays and 2x 0-5VDC or 4-20mA analog sensor inputs.

• Internal Mini UPS:  This module is useful in situations where SPX+ may face power outages. An internal battery backup using 4x AA batteries can power SPX+ for several hours (depending on sensors connected, alerts generated etc). This is ample time to be able to continue to send alerts, and most importantly notify you of the power situation so the main power can be restored.
Ideally combined with the internal cellular data modem, SMS alerts can be sent even if the rest of your network is down.

sensorProbeX+ Expansion Architecture
You may expand the capacity and capability of your AKCP environmental monitoring appliance by locally (in the same rack) connecting BEB expansion units, or by connecting EXP devices located up to 1000 feet away. Every SPX+ comes with both EXP (Expansion) and BEB (Basic Expansion Bus) ports. These expansion ports give users the ability to add functionality to their base sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) environmental monitoring appliance, so the monitoring system can grow with any growing needs.

• Basic Expansion Bus (BEB)
BEB expansion is suitable for short distance expansion within the rack. Using a base (master) sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) unit together with SPX+ BEB (Basic Expansion Bus) units, users can increase the number of sensor ports and dry contacts available. Recommended for use over a short distance within the same rack only, BEB expansion units provide a cost effective way to expand a sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) environmental monitoring system. A maximum of 4x BEB units can be connected (daisy-chained) to a single SPX+ base unit. The maximum distance from a base (master) SPX+ unit to the last unit in the BEB expansion chain is 33 feet (10 m).

• RS485 Expansion (EXP)
Using a base (master) sensorProbeX+ (SPX+) together with EXP units, users can add dry contacts and sensor ports to their environmental monitoring system, with the ability to place the expansion units up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away from each other. Supported EXP devices are the E-Sensor8 and E-Opto16 expansion units.

AKCP is the oldest and largest data center environmental monitoring company in the world. Along the way AKCP has introduced many hardware platforms and has learned many lessons. SPX+ is AKCP's latest platform and incorporates AKCP's accumulated knowledge on how to build reliable, rugged embedded systems.

Since its recent release, SPX+ has grown to an installed base of approximately 5,000 base units. On average AKCP has 4 hardware failures per year that require RMA replacement. That is to say that SPX+ is operating for 43,800,000 hours for every 4 failures. That is a MTBF of 10,950,000 hours. The sensors have an approximately similar record of durability.

The reason that this failure rate is so low is by design. SPX+ was created for rugged environments. The components used in SPX+ can withstand high-temperature environments because they generate very little heat.

SPX+ operates on 1 Watt of power. This stands in contrast to larger systems running more complex, and less reliable operating systems such as Linux. Typical small computers often run at 300 Watts requiring a fan. SPX+ doesn't need fans or special cooling.

The case is built from aluminum, not plastic. SPX+ has been tested in environmental chambers to be able to operate reliably at 70° C. During the manufacture every SPX+ is tested, then burned in for 96 hours in order to eliminate infant mortality.

The system is put into stock awaiting a customer order. AKCP is not only rugged in hardware, it is rugged in software. Rather than relying on large, untested, and unmaintainable open source projects, AKCP writes its own applications. This is more difficult but results in superior performance. AKCP can maintain the code because AKCP wrote it themselves. If there is a bug that needs fixing, AKCP can fix it. If there is a feature that needs adding - AKCP can add it. This is not possible in larger systems relying on third-party applications.