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Adder Technology designs and manufactures an advanced range of KVM switches, KVM extenders and KVM-over-IP solutions for reliable control of local, remote and global IT systems; AV extenders and video-over-IP for digital signage and media streaming. Adder has an impressive track record for bringing successful and profitable products to market. Adder products are renowned for their technical excellence, reliable performance and robust manufacture.

Adder's KVM (Keyboard, Video monitor, Mouse) switches allow users to access and control multiple computers from one (or more) keyboard monitor and mouse. This results in reduced complexity and improved efficiency of IT systems.

Adder's KVM extenders allow the keyboard, monitor (or touch screen) and mouse to be located remotely from the computer, enabling the remote control of systems due to factors such as security, noise, dirt and heat. Adder's AV extenders distribute video and audio signals, ideal for Digital Signage and Media Streaming applications such as in-store TV and public information systems.

Adder's KVM-via-IP solutions enable the secure global access and control of IT systems. Our high performance KVM switch technology combined with advanced, integrated VNC support enables the reliable control of mission critical systems.

Adder has a huge user base ranging across markets such as Retail, Financial, Industrial, Medical, Broadcast, Air Traffic Control, Digital Signage, Military and Server Management.

Adder manufactures products under their own brand as well as for a number of well known OEM customers where they are known for their technical expertise and flexible approach. Adder's products are marketed and supported by a global network of resellers and distributors.

Standard warranty: Two years

In cases where the DDC EDID is not passed, DDC Ghost provides DDC/EDID data about the physical characteristics of a VGA screen directly to the video card

DDC Ghost

Starting at $80.99 view

Point-to-point DisplayPort KVM extenders supporting single, dual or quad-head connectivity, USB peripheral extension, CATx or fiber link, MST functionality and ultra-low latency


Starting at $1,439.00 view

CAT-7 shielded (STP) patch cords with RJ45 connectors

Shielded CAT-7 STP Patch Cords

Starting at $49.49 view

A dual-head 5K DisplayPort, audio and USB 2.0 IP KVM extension/switching/matrix system over CATx or fiber, using a standard 1~10GbE IP network

AdderLink INFINITY 4000

Starting at $2,370.25 view

IP-based, Full-HD, low latency digital KVM extenders (330 feet over CATx), switches and matrixes across a standard 1Gb local Ethernet network

AdderLink XDIP

Starting at $539.00 view

Secure EAL4+ certified USB, dual-link DVI-I & audio KVM switches prevent outside emissions snooping and information flowing between computers

AdderView Secure

Starting at $675.00 view

USB 2.0 extender over CATx (328 feet) or IP network, for remotely connecting 4 USB devices (drives, whiteboards) away from a user's work station


Starting at $459.00 view

8- and 16-port, Web controllable, rack-mount power distribution units with optional redundant (dual) power modules, supporting 12V and 5V devices


Starting at $1,332.00 view

Flexible and configurable multi-user, single- or multi-video matrix KVM switch for up to 23 DVI/DisplayPort/VGA computers, USB and audio over CATx

AdderView DDX

Starting at $1,426.50 view

Split and extend HDMI to four (4) displays from one source (with failover) or from two sources (matrix) over 164 feet of twisted pair cables

AdderLink DV104 HDMI Splitters-Extenders

Starting at $612.00 view

Line powered HDMI and DVI digital video extenders over a single CATx cable, 164 feet at 1080p 1920x1200 with EDID and no external power supply

AdderLink DV Digital Video Extenders

Starting at $365.00 view

A self-contained compact server on your network provides configuration & control over all AdderLink INFINITY Transmitters, Receivers and users


Starting at $4,032.75 view

High resolution (up to 2560x1600) DisplayPort video extender with hi-speed USB 2.0, digital (S/PDIF) and analog audio over CATx cables, 490 feet

AdderLink XD522 DisplayPort/USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $1,615.50 view

Digital KVM & media extension and device switching over IP featuring dual head or dual link DVI video, digital audio, USB true emulation and network multicast

AdderLink INFINITY Dual

Starting at $1,353.75 view

Transparent USB 2.0, stereo audio and high resolution single- or dual-VGA video KVM extension (with local access) up to 1000 feet over CATx

AdderLink X-USB PRO

Starting at $805.50 view

VGA (analog) to DVI-D (digital), USB powered video converters

VGA to DVI-D Video Converters

Starting at $116.10 view

High density 17" & 19" LCD rack trays with fully featured CATx-based multi-user (1-local; 4-remote IP) 16-port USB, PS/2, Sun, serial KVM switch

AdderView RDX 5000IP

Starting at $2,875.50 view

High density 17" and 19" LCD rack trays with fully featured CATx-based 16-port USB, PS/2, Sun KVM switch for local and remote (IP) server control

AdderView RDX 1000IP

Starting at $2,385.00 view

High density 17" and 19" LCD rack trays with fully featured CATx-based 16-port USB, PS/2, Sun KVM switch for local and extended server control

AdderView RDX 1000

Starting at $1,935.00 view

VGA video extender and 4-way VGA video splitter/extender over CAT-5/5e/6/7 cable, supporting DDC and full HD 1080p, 1080i & 720p up to 500 feet

AdderLink LPV

Starting at $275.00 view

PS/2-VGA KVM, serial RS232 and audio extension over CAT-5/5e/6/7 up to 1000 feet, with optional rack-mount support for high density environments

AdderLink X2-Series

Starting at $580.00 view

USB–PS/2 converters allow using a USB keyboard/mouse to control a legacy PS/2 computer or PS/2 KVM switch or extender, and vice versa

USB-PS/2 Converters

Starting at $50.39 view

Professional grade keyboard/mouse control switches enabling users to control up to eight (8) USB computers, each with their own display

CCS-PRO Keyboard/Mouse Switches

Starting at $675.00 view

USB KVMA switches for controlling 4 dual-link DVI or VGA multi-video computers from one multi-screen KVM console with USB peripheral sharing

AdderView PRO MultiScreen

Starting at $579.00 view

High density, small form factor, multi-platform, 5-user (4 non blocking over IP, 1 local), 16-port USB KVM over IP switch

AdderView CATxIP 5000

Starting at $1,575.00 view

Pure digital AV and KVM extension & matrix (digital video - stereo audio - USB 2.0 peripherals) over Ethernet network for KVM and video over IP


Starting at $755.25 view

Professional, high-resolution DVI/DisplayPort/VGA KVM switches with USB True Emulation technology, audio and USB 2.0 peripheral sharing

AdderView PRO

Starting at $382.50 view

Flash-upgradeable, single-or dual-link DVI-USB KVM extenders up to 2.48 miles (fiber) or 492 feet (CATx) w/ optional audio and RS232 extension

AdderLink DVI/USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $760.50 view

Computer access modules (CAMs) are "dongles" utilizing CAT-5/5e/6/7 cables to connect servers (USB, PS/2, Sun) to AdderView KVM switches


Starting at $89.99 view

VGA/USB KVM console extender over CATx (165 feet) with dual-access, high quality single- or dual-video, (optional serial) and digital stereo audio

AdderLink X50

Starting at $517.50 view

High density, small form factor, KVM over IP switches with USB console support, multi-platform server control and optional stereo-audio support

AdderView CATxIP 1000

Starting at $1,075.00 view

High density, compact, CATx-based KVM switches provide local and remote access to control up to 16 multi-platform servers with optional audio

AdderView CATx 1000

Starting at $445.50 view

USB KVM+Audio console extension up to 1000 feet from 1 or 2 computers over CAT-x supporting high 1920x1200 video resolution

AdderLink X200 USB-VGA KVM Extenders

Starting at $387.00 view

Distribute crisp VGA video, CD quality audio and transparent RS232 from a single PC to 64 screens up to 1000 feet from a play out device

AdderLink AV200

Starting at $202.50 view

A KVM over IP gateway with Real VNC, supporting HDMI or DVI or VGA video, USB keyboard/mouse and virtual-media, for secure remote computer access via Internet

AdderLink iPEPS

Starting at $494.10 view

Matrix KVM switches via CAT-5/5e/6 cables supporting 4 concurrent users (local, remote or global over IP) controlling up to 24 servers

AdderView CATx 4000

Starting at $1,525.00 view

High-resolution video and superb quality audio extension and distribution over CAT-x cable for digital signage and media streaming applications

AdderLink AV100

Starting at $175.50 view

Secure Internet or dial up access to your KVM switch, compatible with VNC and Java based (web browser) viewers

AdderLink IP

Starting at $1,345.50 view

USB and Sun interface cables deliver multi platform KVM connectivity at low cost, with any PS/2 style KVM switch

PS/2 Conversion Cables

Starting at $54.89 view

KVM+Audio console extension up to 330 feet from PS/2 or USB computers over CAT-5 with high 1600x1200 video resolution

AdderLink X100

Starting at $344.00 view