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AdderView CATx 1000

AdderView CATx 1000

High density, compact, CATx-based KVM switches provide local and remote access to control up to 16 multi-platform servers with optional audio
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AdderView CATx 1000, 16-Ports

1) AdderView CATx 1000, 16-Ports Model No. AVX1016-US In stock


$639.00 MSRP: $710.00 - You save $71.00
AdderView CATx 1000, 8-Ports

2) AdderView CATx 1000, 8-Ports Model No. AVX1008-US In stock


$489.00 MSRP: $545.00 - You save $56.00

Compact, 8-port and 16-port CATx-based multi-platform KVM switches

with optional audio sharing and optional remote access

AdderView CATx 1000 is a high density, small form factor, secure KVM via CATx switch that provides local and remote access for a user that wishes to control up to 16 multi-platform servers.

A 'plug-and-play', half width 1U appliance, the AdderView CATx 1000 is a completely self-contained system that installs in minutes combining high security, flexibility, integrated power control, faultless video quality and CD quality audio.

• Faultless video quality - Up to 1600 x 1200 @ 85 Hz
• True multi-platform support - PS/2, USB and Sun with DDC and "Keep-Alive"
• USB keyboard and mouse control - Any USB style keyboard and mouse (PC, Mac or Sun)
• Easy cascade - Support up to 256 computers
• Optional CD quality audio - Support CD quality 44.1kHz digital stero audio
• Integrated CATx extender - Can be controlled by a user from up to 1000 feet away over CATx cable
• Computer Access Modules (CAMs) - Flash upgradeable CAMs [Dongles] available for PS/2, USB and Sun keyboard and mouse support with optional audio
• Rack mount capability - 1 or 2 switches can be mounted in 1U of rack height giving a maximum of 32 ports per 1U
• User access control - Up to 16 different user profiles