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AdderLink DV104 HDMI Splitters-Extenders

AdderLink DV104 HDMI Splitters-Extenders

Split and extend HDMI to four (4) displays from one source (with failover) or from two sources (matrix) over 164 feet of twisted pair cables
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AdderLink DV104 Kit

1) AdderLink DV104 Kit Model No. ALDV104K-US In stock


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AdderLink DV104 Transmitter

2) AdderLink DV104 Transmitter Model No. ALDV104T-US In stock


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AdderLink DV104: Digital video/audio splitter/switch and extender

driving up to four (4) remote displays

AdderLink DV104 is a high performance digital video extender, splitter and switch that enables you to locate your critical player hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment away from the display point environment while maintaining the same user experience.

• Proof of Display (P.O.D.)
• 164 Feet extension distance
• Plug and Play
• Two video input, four video output
• 2x4 HD digital matrix
• Line powered receivers

AdderLink DV104AdderLink DV104 allows you to split and extend HDMI digital video with audio to four (4) displays* from a single source (with failover) or from two sources over a maximum of 164 feet of twisted pair cable with the minimum of infrastructure and fuss. In a dual-source configuration, AdderLink DV104 can be configured as a 2x4 matrix, routing anyone of the two sources to anyone of the 4 displays.

AdderLink DV104 provides power to the receivers over the CATx cables so that no additional power supply is required at the remote diaplay, simultaneously saving time and space as well as making installation very straightforward.

AdderLink DV104 is ideally suited to the digital signage (DOOH - Digital Out-Of-Home) and audio visual (AV) industries.

AdderLink DV104 determines if the entire system is operating correctly and video is visible on the monitors. It can detect if video is present from the player and whether the cables to the monitors are attached and the monitor is turned on. This information is available by an IP socket thus allowing remote diagnostics and integration into content management systems.

AdderLink DV104 can be set to detect that a video stream is present at the input. The unit can be set to automatically switch over to the second video input if the primary fails.

Security on the web interface is by HTTP digest authentication (RFC 2617) with username and password as requested information.

The API documentation to control and receive data from the unit is provided with the system.

AdderLink DV104 supports 8 channels of HDMI audio.

AdderLink DV104 uses an uncompressed video system where every frame is sent without loss with resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz (WUXGA) including 1080p, 720p and 480p resolutions.

Video, audio and power all pass along a single CATx cable, providing up to 164 feet of extension. Distance can be dependent upon CATx cable types and the number of connection breaks for patch panels and wall plates. See specs for details.

With two inputs, the system is suited to extending and splitting dual head systems.

The receivers are designed to be highly power efficient, using less than an eighth of the power required by competing systems. Power is supplied along the CATx cable meaning the support infrastructure required is minimal.

The system has intelligent EDID management allowing the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer.

AdderLink DV104 is delivered in a zero config state so you can plug and play. There is no need for additinal drivers or software.

The whole AdderLink DV family of extenders share a common advantage of cross connection. The HDMI transmitters (ALDV100T) of the family can seamlessly be connected to the DVI-D receivers (ALDV120R) and vice versa.