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AdderView CATx 4000

AdderView CATx 4000

Matrix KVM switches via CAT-5/5e/6 cables supporting 4 concurrent users (local, remote or global over IP) controlling up to 24 servers
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AdderView CATx 4000, 16-Ports

1) CATx 4000, 16-Ports Model No. AVX4016-US In stock


$1,678.00 MSRP: $1,865.00 - You save $187.00
AdderView CATx 4000, 24-Ports

2) CATx 4000, 24-Ports Model No. AVX4024-US In stock


$1,975.00 MSRP: $2,195.00 - You save $220.00

4-user (local or extended), 16- and 24-port, CATx-based, multi-platform matrix KVM switches

AdderView CATx 4000 series is a range of secure, KVM via CATx (x = 5, 5e, 6) switches that provide four (4) concurrent users (local or extended) with BIOS-level control of up to 24 multi-platform (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers.

A "plug-and-play" 1U appliance, AdderView CATx 4000 is a completely self-contained system that installs in minutes combining high security, flexibility, integrated remote power control, faultless quality video and optional CD quality audio.

AdderView CATx 4000 models support...
• 16 or 24 multi-platform (PS/2, USB, Sun) servers
• Four (4) simultaneous users
  o One (1) local PS/2 or USB
  o Four (4) extended over CAT-x (x = 5, 5e, 6)

Extended users in the building can be located up to 1000-feet (300m) away from the servers, connected to AdderView CATx 4000 via CAT-x (x = 5, 5e, 6), using AdderView CATx 4000 User Stations which may optionally support audio and skew compensation.

A local user can connect a console (monitor, keyboard, and mouse) for local access at the rack to all servers, with a choice of either PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse control.

Faultless video quality and optional CD quality audio
AdderView CATx 4000 series provides exceptionally high video performance to local, remote and global users alike, supporting up to 1920x1440 resolutions with DDC emulation.

AdderView CATx 4000 switches provide CD quality (44.1 kHz, 16-bit resolution) digital stereo audio to users when optional audio-enabled computer access modules (CAMs) are used. Stereo audio is transferred through the switch digitally so that the sound fidelity is maintained. Audio is supported both at the local console and at the CAT-x extended consoles.