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USB Type~C

Utilize the feature-rich USB Type-C interface with docking stations, video adapters, power packs, hubs, cables and adapters (learn more about USB-C)

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Connect a DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA monitor, projector, or HDTV to a USB Type-C (or Thunderbolt 3) device to display video and audio

USB-C Travel Video Adapters

Starting at $19.59 view

Connect a Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C enabled device to a monitor with a DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI or VGA interface

USB Type-C Video Adapter-Cables

Starting at $27.99 view

Output DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, or VGA video (and optional digital audio) from a USB Type-C device such as a MacBook or Chromebook laptop

USB Type-C Video Adapters

Starting at $22.09 view

Connect a USB-C enabled device for 4K HDMI video, wired network connectivity and USB 3.0 data transfer while simultaneously charging a smartphone or tablet

USB-C Docking Stations

Starting at $76.49 view

Connect all the devices you have ever wanted to transform your everyday USB-C or Thunderbolt™ 3 laptop into a more advanced desktop computer - in an instant

Docking Stations

Starting at $57.75 view

With a capacity of 10,200mAh, USB-C Power Bank high-grade lithium battery is able to provide multiple charges for smartphones or a partial charge for laptops or tablets

USB-C Power Bank

Starting at $67.49 view

Connect a USB-C device (laptop or tablet) to a HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA display while charging from a mobile power bank or connecting two USB devices and wired Ethernet

USB-C Travel Dock

Starting at $57.66 view

Feed the built-in audio/video signal from a USB Type-C port to an HDMI port of an HDTV or projector to display video and audio at 4K

USB-C to HDMI Adapter Cables

Starting at $31.59 view

AC to USB adapters simultaneously charge up to five mobile devices from one outlet w/ folding AC prongs & a compact design for easy portability

USB Wall Chargers

Starting at $15.29 view

USB 3.1 Type-C video adapters output DisplayPort / HDMI video and audio or VGA video from a computer's USB Type-C port to connect extra monitors

USB Type-C Video Adapter Cables

Starting at $19.99 view

Turn your laptop into a complete workstation w/ power delivery, two extra screens, a full-sized keyboard/mouse, external hard drives, printer, webcam

Docking Stations

Starting at $129.95 view

ATEN USB-C video adapters transfer the video of from USB-C equipped laptop, tablet or computer to one or two 4K HDMI/DisplayPort or one VGA screen or projector

USB-C Video Adapters

Starting at $39.75 view

Convert a USB-C connection to an external VGA or 4K Ultra-HD HDMI video output w/ optional Ethernet network and a USB Type-A port connections

ViewPro-C USB-C Video Adapters

Starting at $35.96 view

Charge & Sync Flip Pro USB-C to USB-A male/male cables with a reversible type-A plug, for making USB-A peripherals compatible with USB-C ports

USB-C to Reversible USB-A Cables

Starting at $12.69 view

7,000 to 16,000mAh-capacity USB portable, external battery chargers w/ up to 3.4 Amps for recharging smartphones and tablets up to 8 times

GearPower on the Go

Starting at $34.79 view

Connect an HDMI, DVI or VGA screen or projector to a USB Type-C port to display audio/video from a USB 3.1 laptop, no device drivers required

USB-C Video Adapters

Starting at $29.95 view

USB 3.0 male/male adapter-cables connect a USB Micro-B device to a USB Type-C port on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet

USB-C to USB Micro-B Adapter-Cables

Starting at $13.59 view

3- or 4-port USB-A hubs plug into your laptop's USB Type-C port and connect up to four USB 3.0 flash drives, smartphones or tablets w/ optional Ethernet network port


Starting at $22.46 view

Use a USB Type-C port on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet to connect to a serial-device, Ethernet network or an old-format USB peripheral

USB-C Adapters

Starting at $11.19 view

Connect a USB-mini-B camera, cellphone, or tablet to a USB Type-C port on a laptop or desktop computer for USB 2.0 communication

USB-C to USB Mini-B Adapter-Cables

Starting at $11.04 view

USB Type-C external video adapters used to turn a USB 3.1 port into a 4K HDMI or DisplayPort port, or a VGA port for displaying video from a USB 3.1 device

USB-C Video Adapters

Starting at $30.79 view

Lightweight USB AC and DC adapters charge your cell phone or tablet from any 110 or 220 Volt AC outlet or from your car's cigarette lighter

USB Power Chargers

Starting at $9.74 view

2- 4- or 7-port, USB 2.0 or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hubs used to connect multiple USB devices to a PC or Macintosh computer

USB Hubs

Starting at $31.59 view