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Flexible, simple push-button wireless connectivity for multiple presenters (one at a time) eliminating HDMI cable runs to connect in meeting rooms and classrooms

Share Pro Expandable Wireless Presentation

Starting at $339.00 view

2-input 1080p Full HD HDCP-compliant HDMI switcher with 7.1-channel digital audio, 1 local output and 1 wireless extended output up to 100 feet away

2-Input HDMI Switcher/Wireless Extender

Starting at $346.00 view

Presentation systems for sharing the screen from a laptop, MacBook, Ultrabook™ or Miracast enabled mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets on a monitor or projector

Video Collaboration Hubs

Starting at $68.24 view

Extend HDMI video signal wirelessly, or connect a PC to a remote display via WiFi up to 180 feet away at 1080p, with optional IR extension for remote control of your video source

Wireless HDMI Extenders

Starting at $164.99 view

Wirelessly connect an HDMI source to a remote display (point-to-point) or up to 4 displays (point-to-multipoint) 100 feet apart at 1080p w/ local HDMI loop-out and infrared support

HDMI Wireless Extenders

Starting at $301.00 view

Plug and play wireless HDMI extender from a laptop, tablet, or Blu-ray player to an HDMI projector or HDTV screen located up to 100 feet away

Wireless A/V for HDMI

Starting at $186.99 view

Wireless transmitters/receivers for up to 100 feet (through walls & furniture) indoor use, transfer HDMI, multi-channel embedded audio and IR

Wireless HDMI Extenders

Starting at $956.00 view

Wirelessly stream content from your PC, smartphone, tablet and or Intel WiDi computer to your big screen HDTV in Full HD and audio, 50 feet

Wireless HD Screen Mirroring

Starting at $134.96 view

Wi-Fi (150Mbps) and Ethernet (200Mbps) high-speed encrypted data network through your home's existing power outlets for your broadband devices


Starting at $35.96 view

Wireless HDMI extenders transmit 1080p Full HD HDCP-compliant HDMI signals with 7.1-channel digital audio wirelessly, up to 100 feet away

Wireless HDMI Extenders

Starting at $312.00 view

Wirelessly stream Full HD content from 5 sources to 2, 3, 4, or five HDTVs with 3D support, with no line-of-sight required up to 200 feet away

Wireless Matrix HDTV Streaming

Starting at $399.00 view

Collaboration hubs provide common platform for smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect wirelessly, present, collaborate, & engage real time


Starting at $476.80 view

Day/night, indoor/outdoor, wireless and wired IP surveillance cameras for ENVIROMUX monitoring systems forward an e-mail alert on triggered (programmed event) snapshots

ENVIROMUX IP Surveillance Cameras

Starting at $134.99 view

Wirelessly stream HD content with 3D support and 5.1 surround sound audio from up to 3 HDMI sources to your HDTV or HDMI projector, 100 feet

Wireless HDMI Audio/Video Streaming

Starting at $224.00 view

Wireless infrared remote extender extends remote control of devices to distances of 330 feet operating through walls, doors and around corners

Wireless Infrared Remote Extender

Starting at $55.19 view