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At Rose Electronics, our primary focus is to provide quality products to support keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) switching, KVM extension – including stereo audio and serial, video sharing/splitting, and digital signage applications. Rose KVM switches are easy to use, Multi-platform systems designed for use in the home or small office, enterprise, datacenter, or command center. Utilizing proven technologies, one can centrally manage and administer, computers, servers, headless devices, and network infrastructure components such as switches and routers.
In support of this environment we have developed several extenders which, in addition to keyboard, mouse, and video signals, will also support stereo audio, USB peripherals, serial devices such as touch screens, and computers with multiple video cards. The use of state-of-the-art technologies such as automatic equalization and automatic skew compensation make setup and configuration simple and easy, as well as deliver crisp, high resolution video.
Rose RackView line of KVM drawers is an excellent solution to provide clutter-free access to a computer in a reception area or a Doctor’s office or to eliminate the need for a crash cart in order to perform routine maintenance on your servers. Enclosed in metal, the high-resolution monitors are protected from knocks and jolts that would normally spell doom for similar systems made from less durable material. The drawer rails are industrial strength units capable of withstanding the abuses associated with mobile and datacenter use; this translates into years of trouble-free use.
Standard warranty: One year

Configurable 2x2 video-wall controller supports DVI input and DVI/VGA output monitors w/ cropping, scaling, rotation and gap compensation control

UltraVista Plus

Starting at $1,399.00 view

Extend uncompressed HDMI 4K30 video, keyboard/mouse and USB 2.0 peripherals up to 330 feet over a single CATx cable

CrystalView EX HDMI

Starting at $1,146.00 view

HDMI 2.0 HDBaseT 4K @ 60Hz extenders including RS-232 extension and bidirectional IR transmission, with PoC and HDCP 2.2 support

CrystalView HDMI 4K60

Starting at $675.00 view

Dual-DVI CATx KVM extenders, extend USB or PS/2 keyboard/mouse, dual DVI-D video, optional serial & audio up to 400 feet over CAT-5/5e/6/7 cable

CrystalView Dual-DVI CATx

Starting at $3,431.00 view

Digital DVI CATx KVM extenders, extend USB or PS/2 keyboard/mouse, DVI-D video, optional serial & audio up to 400 feet over CAT-5/5e/6/7 cable

CrystalView DVI CATx

Starting at $1,671.00 view

Connect to, control and display 4 computers on a single monitor in either Quad-Screen, picture-in-picture (PiP) or Full Screen viewing mode


Starting at $2,635.00 view

USB 2.0 singlemode and multimode fiber extenders with 500ma on each of 4 remote USB ports for powering high-power USB devices up to 33,000' away

CrystalLink USB Fiber Extenders

Starting at $1,199.00 view

Remote KVM access over IP (with optional local access), using a Web browser or VNC for securely accessing a KVM switch or stand-alone computer

UltraLink 2

Starting at $639.00 view

Two users share a single USB or PS/2 computer (or video) up to 1,000 feet away over catx cable with optional automatic video skew adjustments

MultiStation CATx

Starting at $639.00 view

Extends video (or dual-video), USB keyboard, mouse, and peripherals, optional serial and audio up to 150 feet away using CATx cable

CrystalView Mini USB

Starting at $527.00 view

KVM switches for computers with multi-monitor video cards, that simultaneously switch all video ports


Starting at $459.00 view

PS/2 KVM extenders up to 150 feet away using CAT-5 cable with optional stereo audio, optional serial and optional support for a local user

CrystalView CAT5 Mini

Starting at $409.00 view

USB or PS/2 and VGA extenders over CAT-5,5e,6,7 up to 1,000 feet with automatic gain & equalization setting and optional video skew adjustment

ViewLink CATx

Starting at $319.00 view

Multi-user, multi-platform (USB, Sun, PS/2, serial), matrix CATx KVM switches supporting multiple remote users over CATx + 1 local user


Starting at $1,059.00 view

Multi-platform, expandable, single-user KVM switches supporting PC, Sun, UNIX, Linux, USB, and serial devices (routers, VT100/220 terminals)


Starting at $639.00 view

Available in PC/Unix or multi-platform models, UltraView Pro comes in small, medium, or large chassis, 2-16 ports

UltraView Pro

Starting at $369.00 view

The utmost in simplicity, ServeView Pro comes in 2-16 port models, supporting PC and multi-platform environments

ServeView Pro

Starting at $279.00 view