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Minicom Tripp Lite offers the following product lines:

Minicom by Tripp Lite is an innovative leading manufacturer of KVM server and computer management solutions that enhance control of the enterprise and corporate IT environments.

Outstanding product reliability has been Minicom by Tripp Lite trademark for more than 90 years. Minicom by Tripp Lite's green design and manufacturing philosophy reflects its belief that environmental responsibility leads to better products and happier customers.

The company's products, which have earned multiple industry awards, serve the IT, enterprise, healthcare, audio/video, telecommunications, industrial, government and education sectors worldwide.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Minicom by Tripp Lite maintains a global presence with fully staffed offices worldwide.

Transform PS/2 equipment - Use your legacy PS/2 device (KVM switch, KVM extender, and computer/server) with a USB keyboard and mouse

PS/2 to USB Converter

Starting at $73.84 view

Remote browser-based IP access to KVM switches and servers, enabling power and BIOS level access independently of OS

KVM over IP Gateways

Starting at $468.00 view

Remote Interface Cable Connector (RICC) are "dongles" utilizing CAT 5 cables to connect servers to the KVM switch

Smart CAT5 RICCs

Starting at $96.75 view

Access and control a USB or PS/2 or Sun computer located up to 500 feet away, over CAT-5, with high reliability and low cost

KVM Extenders

Starting at $228.00 view

1 or 2-user distributed micro-sized KVM switch over CAT5, ideal for high density server and rack environments

Phantom Specter

Starting at $133.58 view