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Video Cables

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4K, HDCP compliant, male to male DisplayPort to HDMI interface cables connecting a DisplayPort 1.2a source to an HDMI 1.4b monitor

DisplayPort to HDMI Interface Cables

Starting at $14.24 view

Uncompressed, all-digital interface HDMI cables for both audio and video signals up to 4K resolution w/ infused high-quality copper wire to resist interference for improved image clarity

High Speed HDMI Cables w/ Ethernet

Starting at $11.99 view

In-wall (CL3-rated) active high-speed HDMI cables with a built-in signal booster for longer distances, supporting 4K60, 3D video, Ethernet, HDR, ARC and Deep Color

Active High Speed HDMI Cables

Starting at $48.99 view

Premium high-speed 4K 60Hz HDMI cables with Ethernet, 18Gbps bandwidth, HDR for higher contrast ratios and vivid colors, plus 32 uncompressed digital audio channels

4K 60Hz HDMI Cables with Ethernet

Starting at $11.89 view

Plenum-rated high-speed HDMI with Ethernet cables for ceiling, floor, and wall runs, featuring 24k gold-plated 15 lbs. pull-resistant connectors

Plenum-Rated HDMI Cables w/ Ethernet

Starting at $55.99 view

HDMI + Ethernet CL2P plenum-rated cables that meet commercial in-wall building codes, with gripping connectors for greater port retention

CL2P Plenum Rated HDMI Cables

Starting at $64.99 view

Connect a computer, laptop or tablet with a DisplayPort output to a HDMI, DVI, or VGA projector, monitor, or HDTV, with no power or drivers to install

DisplayPort Adapters/Converters

Starting at $31.59 view

High retention, high speed w/ Ethernet HDMI cables provide 3x greater port retention, supporting 4K and wide angle theatrical 21:9 aspect ratio

HDMI Cables w/ Gripping Connectors

Starting at $9.09 view

Super sonic speed 21 Gbps, CL3/FT4 UL-rated in-wall commercial Hi-Fi HDMI cables support 3D, Ethernet channel, ARC, deep color and digital audio

Commercial-Grade 4K HDMI Cables

Starting at $15.99 view

HDMI to mini-HDMI cables support 4K Ultra-HD, 3D, and an Ethernet channel with fully-shielded conductors for complete immunity to EMI/RFI interference

Velocity High Speed HDMI Mini to HDMI Cables

Starting at $15.59 view

High Speed HDMI to Micro-HDMI cables with Ethernet transfer HDMI signal between a hand-held mobile device or cell phone and a TV or projector

HDMI to Micro-HDMI Cables w/ Ethernet

Starting at $7.28 view

Mono-LOK high-speed HDMI cables support HDMI Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel (ARC), 3DTV, and HD resolutions up to 4K (4096 x 2160)

HDMI Cables w/ Ethernet & Mono-LOK

Starting at $31.28 view

HDMI+Ethernet cables with 24-karat gold-plated 180 rotating molded connectors and shielded conductors for immunity to EMI/RFI interference

Rotating HDMI Cables with Ethernet

Starting at $8.44 view

HDMI cables for TVs, laptops, and Chromebooks, supporting Ultra-HD/4K (2160p), 32 audio channels and wide angle theatrical 21:9 aspect ratio

High-Speed HDMI Cables w/ Ethernet

Starting at $5.19 view

HDMI type A interface male to male cables for connecting your HDTV, projector, or other digital display to your HDMI source

HDMI Cables

Starting at $4.14 view

Copper based HDCP compliant DVI to HDMI adapter locking cables supporting HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, handling video and digital audio

DVI to HDMI Locking Cables

Starting at $45.18 view