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Geist Monitor offers the following product lines:

Geist Monitor manufactures web-enabled environmental monitoring systems allowing users to keep a remote eye on environmental conditions from a secure web interface and receive SNMP, E-mail, text message and/or voice call alert notifications when sensor measurements fall outside of specified alarm thresholds.  The web interface provides live video feeds and an overview of environmental measurements including temperature, humidity, airflow, light, sound, power, water detection and more. The measurements are logged and graphed for viewing trends. External processes or applications can be automated on trigger of an alarm or remotely through the web interface with units supporting output relay control.

Geist Monitor is committed to helping IT and facility administrators protect critical infrastructure and prevent system downtime, hardware damage and data loss by manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable environmental monitors in the market. Geist Monitor' friendly, knowledgeable and professional engineers will help educate and problem-solve for our customers by providing superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.

Geist Monitor is constantly striving to improve customer experience around the globe while delivering the latest features to keep ahead of the competition. Every unit is examined for functionality and visual defects prior to packaging. Our superior level of quality and reliability comes with every unit we manufacture.

Firmware upgrades and technical support are made available to all users for life at no additional charge. Technical support is provided by the same engineers and programmers who design our products.

Geist Monitor is increasingly expanding focus beyond the computer room environments by fulfilling needs of monitoring refrigeration units/cold storages, research facilities, blood banks, pharmaceutical storages, power plants and other critical facilities.

Standard warranty: 5 years on Geist-manufactured products; One year on 3rd party accessories.

Magnetic door position sensors monitor access doors or cabinets that should remain closed, letting WatchDog monitoring appliance know when a door is open

Door Position Sensors

Starting at $15.52 view

Allow a Geist/WatchDog climate monitor to detect leaks that could damage your equipment, measuring conductivity and indicating whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water

Flood Sensors

Starting at $50.39 view

All-in-one temperature airflow humidity and dew-point (RTAFHD3) sensors provide multiple remote environment readings as a complete package

Temp/Airflow/Humidity/Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $113.39 view

Daisy-chainable temperature/humidity/dew-point sensors for in-row monitoring of multiple racks, with optional 3-point measuring per rack

Temperature/Humidity/Dew-Point Sensors

Starting at $81.89 view

Water-sensing cable system to surround a room's perimeter or encircle rows of racks, provides warning of water entry along the whole length


Starting at $14.55 view

A small, Web-enabled self-contained low-cost environmental monitoring device with on-board temp/humidity/dew-point sensors and optional PoE

Watchdog 15

Starting at $178.19 view

Compact environmental monitoring and relay control with temperature, humidity, dew point on-board sensors, external-sensor ports and optional PoE

Watchdog 100

Starting at $264.00 view

Water-sensing cable system to surround a room's perimeter or encircle rows of racks, provides warning of water entry along the whole length

WaterSnake Kits

Starting at $485.00 view

Remote temperature sensors encapsulated with stainless steel sheath probes (1.25" long) sealed with waterproof heat shrink tubing for monitoring hot spots

Temperature Sensors

Starting at $26.99 view

Use ITWatchDogs environmental monitors to get alerts and monitor low-voltage DC power, detect power outages, monitor current and track Dc voltage systems

Power Monitoring

Starting at $47.53 view

Photoelectric-type smoke alarms for use as an alert device connected to a Watchdog monitoring appliance, with a solid state piezo signal to warn and alert to the presence of threatening smoke

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Starting at $76.63 view

Accessories for Geist Monitor Watchdog environmental monitors, such as digital-port splitters, analog-to-digital interface converters, PoE and IP cameras

Geist Monitor Accessories

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