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Video Wall Plates

Wall-plates that facilitate video connections

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HDMI pass-through wall plates for in-wall cabling featuring thin, flexible pigtails for tight bend radius installation & supplementary connections

HDMI Pass-Through Wall Plates

Starting at $16.24 view

Two-gang wall-plate video, audio & IR extenders over CAT-5 up to 350 feet, w/ optional analog to digital video conversion, PoE and RS232 support

Wall-Plate Video Extenders

Starting at $224.00 view

HDMI and VGA+audio wall-plate extenders up to 230 feet over CAT-5 with built-in VGA to HDMI converter and optional VGA up-scaling and audio de-embedding

HDMI and VGA AV Wall-Plate Extenders

Starting at $674.00 view

HDCP compliant HDMI and optional bidirectional IR wall-plate extenders over shielded twisted pair (STP) up to 295 feet with EDID pass-thru

HDMI Wall-Plate Extenders

Starting at $155.99 view

Active wall-plate HDMI over HDBaseT twisted-pair extenders supporting 1080p and 4K resolution, HDMI deep color, lip sync & Dolby up to 590 feet

Ultra HD HDMI Wall-Plate Extenders

Starting at $232.00 view

Box or wall-plate form-factor HDMI extenders over CATx up to 300 feet at 1080p resolution with EDID and TruChoice™ Power, using HDBaseT technology

TruLink HDMI over CAT-5 Extenders

Starting at $224.00 view

Extend HDMI at 1080p Full HD over CATx up to 200 feet away while extracting the embedded audio, or boost HDMI signal over a 50-foot HDMI cable

HDMI Extenders

Starting at $125.25 view

Extend dual- or single-link DVI video (and optional audio) over CAT-5 up to 230 feet away, or boost DVI signal over a 150-foot DVI cable

DVI Video Extenders

Starting at $145.49 view

VGA video (and optional audio and RS232) extenders over CAT-5e/6 up to 1000 feet, supporting wide-screens, touch-screens and 1920x1200 resolutions

VGA Video Extenders over CAT-5

Starting at $145.49 view

Brushed-aluminum, single- and double-gang wall plates supporting HDMI, VGA, composite and S-video, stereo audio, 3.5mm, USB and keystone connectors

Audio/Video Brushed-Aluminum Wall Plates

Starting at $7.79 view

Feed-thru wall plates for HDMI, optionally combined with Component, F-type video, RCA composite video, RCA stereo audio and RCA digital audio

HDTV Wall Plates

Starting at $7.99 view

Wall plate inserts with one, two or three solder-style RCA jacks for composite audio/video and optional F-type coupler for home theater A/V

Decorative RCA Wall Plates

Starting at $7.79 view

RCA composite audio/video wall-plate inserts are stamped from 20 gauge steel and painted to match your room décor for a professional finish

Decorative Composite Wall Plates

Starting at $7.79 view

Keystone snap-in jacks for wall-plates, surface boxes and keystone patch panels providing connectivity for networking, home office, audio/video

Snap-In Keystone Modules

Starting at $1.03 view

Single- and double-gang HD15, HDMI, F-Type TV, 3.5mm, S-video, composite video, stereo audio, USB and Keystone-insert stainless steel wall plates

Audio/Video Feed-Through Wall Plates

Starting at $35.97 view

Feed-through audio/video wall-plate inserts that fit standard electrical boxes with HD-15 (VGA), HDMI, composite, RCA-audio and 3.5mm audio

Decorative Audio/Video Wall Plate Inserts

Starting at $11.69 view

Connect a TV, computer-monitor and stereo speakers to video and audio distribution wiring within a field-terminated metal wall plate

Audio/Video Terminator Wall Plates

Starting at $35.00 view