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Image 2 of 7 - Monitor multiple sensors and IP cameras. view

Image 3 of 7 - Sensor history graph shows readings from up to the last 120 days. view
Image 4 of 7 - View real-time updates for sensor history graph and multiple sensor statuses. view

Image 5 of 7 - Open summary pages for many ENVIROMUX units at once. view
Image 6 of 7 - Add new ENVIROMUX units using server application. view

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ENVIROMUX Management Software, 50 Devices

Model No. E-MNG-0050 In stock

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Network Technologies Inc. [NTI] manufactures keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) and audio/video switches, splitters and extenders for computers (PC, MAC, and SUN, including USB) and video sources (DVD player, satellite receiver).

By consistently providing KVM and audio/video solutions that combine innovation with reliable high-performance, NTI empowers their customers to improve efficiency, reduce equipment and energy costs, and maximize space utilization.

NTI has been rewarded with over 20 consecutive years of dramatic growth.

NTI is a privately-held company. NTI's products are manufactured at their company headquarters in Aurora, Ohio. NTI is a D&B rated company with an excellent credit history and industry reputation. NTI's products are sold world-wide through an extensive network of International Distributors and resellers.

Standard warranty: Two years