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Gender Changers

Fully-shielded DB9 F/F cables used to convert DB9 M/M cables to DB9 M/F cables and provide extra flexibility when determining hardware placement

DB9 Female/Female Cables

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USB-A and USB-B gender changers, designed for durability & long-lasting reliability, backed by's lifetime warranty

USB Gender Changers

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High Density DB15 VGA gender changers, backed by a lifetime warranty by

HD15 VGA Gender Changers

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Centronics 36 female to DB25 male or female parallel printer adapters convert a printer cable to a DB25 male/male or male/female cable

Printer Adapters

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DVI and HDMI adapters

HD Adapters

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DVI, Component, VGA, DFP, MDR20, Macintosh, Sun 13W3, BNC, and EVC video adapters and gender-changers

Video Adapters

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