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Gender Changers

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Connect your mini-HDMI high-resolution camera to your TV or computer with 1080p support; extend the overall length of HDMI cables by coupling

HDMI Adapters/Couplers

Starting at $9.74 view

DB25 null modem adapters, used to convert a straight through DB25 cable into a null modem cable, backed by's lifetime warranty

DB25 Null Modem Adapters

Starting at $1.94 view

DB9 serial null modem adapters featuring a cost-saving way to convert a straight through serial cable into a null modem cable

DB9 Serial Null Modem Adapters

Starting at $6.99 view

USB-A and USB-B gender changers, designed for durability & long-lasting reliability, backed by's lifetime warranty

USB Gender Changers

Starting at $2.69 view

High Density DB15 VGA gender changers, backed by a lifetime warranty by

HD15 VGA Gender Changers

Starting at $3.49 view

3.5mm stereo plugs, converters and adapters to RCA, 6.3mm stereo and mono plugs, 3.5mm mono plug, single/dual, male/female or coupler

3.5mm Stereo Audio Adapters

Starting at $3.63 view

HD15 (VGA) gender changers and adapters to DB9, M1 and Mac DB15.

VGA Adapters

Starting at $3.69 view

Rotating HDMI adapters feature a center ball joint enabling a 360 rotation and 90 bending, allowing cables to easily be run at any angle

HDMI 360 Rotating Adapters

Starting at $10.39 view

Straight or 360 rotating and 90 bending DVI to DVI adapters and gender-changers

DVI Adapters and Gender-Changers

Starting at $12.19 view

DVI, VGA, Sun 13W3, PS/2 adapters and gender-changers


Starting at $4.46 view

USB to PS/2 and USB to Sun adapters; USB to USB straight and articulating adapters and gender-changers

USB Adapters

Starting at $2.76 view

DVI and HDMI adapters

HD Adapters

Starting at $27.09 view

Converting existing serial cables into null modem cables to fix DTE or DCE incompatibilities, connecting two RS232 serial ports

Null Modem Adapters

Starting at $5.09 view