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Dominion KX III 808

Model No. DKX3-808 On back-order until Jul. 16, 2022

Dominion KX III 808
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DKX3-808: 8-port, 8 remote user + 1 local user, enterprise-class, secure KVM-over-IP switch 

provides bios-level remote management of multi-platform servers and serial-based devices, with a DVI-D local port, virtual media and dual power 

Dominion® KX III is a digital KVM-over-IP switch with an advanced hardware engine and software architecture that provides the industry's highest performance, 30 frames-per-second video-over-IP, along with ultimate reliability, usability, compatibility and security.

Dominion KX III 108 provides 1 user with BIOS-level remote management of 8 servers in a single switch. With industry leading video performance, security, enhanced reliability and standard features such as DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort digital video, VGA analog video, audio, virtual media, smart card/CAC, and mobile access, Dominion KX III is suitable for both general applications and dynamic broadcast applications.

Dominion KX III is completely hardware- and OS-independent; users can troubleshoot and reconfigure servers even when servers are down.

At the rack, Dominion KX III provides the same functionality, convenience, and space and cost savings as traditional analog KVM switches. However, Dominion KX III also integrates the industry's highest performing KVM-over-IP technology, allowing multiple administrators to access server KVM consoles from any networked workstation as well as from an iPhone® and iPad®.

Dominion KX IIIFeaturing a modern hardware design with increased computing power and storage, Dominion KX III provides KVM-over-IP access for IT administration, as well as high performance IP access for broadcast applications.

Dominion KX III's new video processing engine supports a broad range of applications from traditional computer applications to the most dynamic broadcast applications requiring 30 frames-per-second 1920x1080 video, 24 bit color, digital audio, dual monitors and DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA video.

With the industry's first DVI-based local port, the KX III's common user interface provides new levels of productivity and performance for at-the-rack administration and server access.

All Dominion KX III models feature a tiering port to connect multiple Dominion KX III switches together and access the attached servers. Up to 1024 servers can be accessed via a consolidated port list.

Dominion KX III is ideal for server rooms, test labs, broadcast applications and the largest enterprise data centers. Dominion KX III offers high performance web-based remote management of servers, PCs, laptops and serial devices with virtually any application. Deploy individually, or centralize with Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway.

Java-Free Access for AllJava-free
Enjoy Java-free KVM/serial access and control on Windows, Linux and Mac, with Raritan's existing .NET and HTML KVM clients.

Features and Benefits
• Remote BIOS-Level Access - Dominion KX III has the industry's highest performing and most flexible KVM-over-IP technology. Users can access Dominion KX III from LAN, WAN, Internet, mobile and dial-up, allowing admins BIOS-level access to troubleshoot, reconfigure, reboot and power cycle servers remotely.
• Blazing, High Performance Video and Audio - 30 frames-per-second, high definition video support over-IP with audio. The 1920x1080, high definition, digital video performance supports broadcast and other dynamic, video-intensive applications. A DVI digital local port provides fast, at-the-rack performance.
• Virtual Media over IP- Dominion KX III comes equipped with virtual media to enable remote tasks, such as software installation, remote booting and diagnostics, using the widest variety of CD, DVD, USB, internal and remote drives and images.
• Military Grade Security - With Raritan's Dominion KX III you can meet government and military security mandates, including: AES & FIPS 140-2 encryption, Common Access Card (CAC) authentication, and IPv6 networking.
• Mouse in Sync - Absolute Mouse Synchronization provides perfect mouse synchronization without changing server mouse settings - the ultimate in plug-and-play!
• Redundancy for Reliabilty - For increased reliability and redundancy, Dominion KX III has dual power supplies and LAN ports with automatic failover.
• Go Mobile - BIOS-level access and control of PCs and servers via Apple iPhones and iPads. Get emergency 24/7 out-of-hours access, as well as convenient everyday access.
• Remote Power Reboot - Power up, power down or power cycle servers connected to optional Raritan remote power control units. With a single click, you can re-boot a hung or crashed server.
• Single Pane of Glass - Dominion KX III scales to support thousands of enterprise servers when integrated with Raritan's CommandCenter Secure Gateway, providing a single pane of glass to all your equipment in all your data centers, globally.
• Broad Compatibility - A suite of multiplatform CIMs to connect to VGA, DVI, HMDI, DisplayPort, USB, USB with virtual media, Sun®, Sun USB and serially controlled servers, as well as popular blade server models from: HP®, IBM®, Dell® and Cisco®.
• Two years standard warranty with advanced replacement.

Dominion KX III topologyHardware
• "Plug and Play" Appliance, Quick and Easy Setup - Dominion KX III is a secure, Linux®-based hardware appliance. All Dominion KX III features, including authentication and Web access, are built into the unit and do not require the use of an additional server.
• 3rd Generation Video Processing for Streaming HD Video and Audio - Dominion KX III's third generation video processing engine supports traditional IT applications to the most dynamic broadcast applications requiring 30 frames-per-second 1920x1080 video, 24 bit color, digital audio and DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA video.
• Dual Power Supplies with Failover - For increased reliability and redundancy, Dominion KX III has dual AC inputs, dual power supplies and automatic failover to support redundant power distribution. If a power supply fails, the customer will be notified via front panel LED, SNMP TRAP, log message or via the administrative manager.
• Four USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse and USB Media - Dominion KX III has four USB 2.0 ports, three on the back panel and one on the front panel, for local keyboard, mouse and USB media.
• Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports with Failover - Dominion KX III provides high availability with dual gigabit Ethernet ports for redundancy. Should one Ethernet switch or interface card fail, Dominion KX III will automatically failover to the other port and continue operating.
• Digital Local Port - Dominion KX III digital local port provides fast, at-the-rack access via DVI-D and USB for administration and server access.
• 1U Form Factor - Dominion KX III is only 1U in height. Dominion KX III is extremely rack-efficient.
• CAT-5 Cabling - Dominion KX III interconnects with each server via standard, economical CAT-5 (UTP) cabling. Servers may be located up to 150 cable feet from the Dominion KX III unit.
• Multiplatform Computer Interface Modules (CIMs) - Dominion KX III supports multiplatform CIMs to connect to PS/2, USB, Sun® and serially controlled servers. Analog VGA video and new DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort digital video standards are supported. Dominion CIMs operate at distances of up to 150 feet from the Dominion KX III switch, depending on server resolution.
• Tiering Port - Dominion KX III contains a tiering port so that you can tier (cascade) KX III switches. Customers can connect (e.g., tier) multiple Dominion KX III switches together and access the attached servers in the data center or from a remote PC. Up to 1024 servers can be accessed via a consolidated port list, or via search (with wildcards).
• Modem Port for Emergency Access - Dominion KX III has an integrated modem port for emergency remote access via external modem if the data network is not available.
• Apple® iPhone® and iPad® Mobile Access - Users can remotely access and control servers through Apple iPhone and iPad devices with the same level of security that they now enjoy via their laptops.
• DVI-based Digital Local Port - Dominion KX III sets the standard with the first browser-based local port, providing a single user interface for local and remote administration. Dominion KX III provides new levels of productivity and performance with a DVI-based local port.

KVM-over-IP Connectivity
• Blade Server Access and Control - Dominion KX III supports popular blade server models from the leading blade server manufacturers: HP®, IBM®, Dell® and Cisco®. It provides simple, automated and secure KVM-over-IP access: (1) at the rack, (2) remotely over IP, (3) via CommandCenter® and (4) by modem. Blade servers are displayed by chassis, with simple one-click access. Advanced security via per­blade access permissions and hot-key blocking eliminates unauthorized access. Unlike other vendors, Dominion KX III's blade features are available to SMB customers with no management system required. For enterprise customers, seamless blade server integration with CommandCenter Secure Gateway provides centralized policy and security management for diverse data center environments.
• Integrated, Remote Power Control - Up to Eight Power Strips per Dominion KX III. Users can power up, power down or power cycle servers connected to optional Raritan remote power control units. A system administrator can not only troubleshoot a server remotely, but also power cycle that server with a click of the mouse. This user-friendly, remote power control is available for up to eight power strips per Dominion KX III unit. Strip-level power statistics are now displayed to the user. Users can also power on/off outlets not associated with a server.
• Dual Stack IP Networking – IPv4 and IPv6 - Dominion KX III provides dual stack IP networking with simultaneous support of IPv4 and IPv6.

Virtual Media
• Wide Variety of Supported Virtual Media Drives and Devices - Dominion KX III comes equipped with virtual media to enable remote tasks using the widest variety of CD, DVD, USB, internal and remote drives and images. Unlike other solutions, the Dominion KX III supports virtual media access of PC hard drives and remotely-mounted disks for added flexibility and productivity.
• Digital Audio over Virtual Media - Remotely access audio applications on remote servers during a virtual media connection with digital USB audio over IP. This includes both playback and recording. Useful for IT administrators, software developers, broadcast/entertainment customers, audio content creators and for remote monitoring. Features USB digital audio, CD quality audio, playback/record buffer settings and use of analog and USB speakers/microphones.
• Secure Virtual Media with 128/256-Bit Encryption - Virtual media sessions are secured using 128- or 256-bit AES encryption. Also available is 128-bit RC4 encryption.
• Dual-USB Virtual Media CIMs and USB Profiles - The dual-USB virtual media CIMs (D2CIM-DVUSB-xxx) and USB profile feature enable expanded BIOS use of virtual media drives to the broadest range of servers and BIOS versions. The dual-USB virtual media CIMs supports DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA video with advanced features: digital audio, smart card/CAC authentication and tiering.
• USB CIM with Virtual Media, Absolute Mouse Synchronization™ and Firmware Update - The D2CIM-VUSB CIMs supports virtual media sessions to target servers supporting the USB 2.0 interface. Available in economical 32 and 64 quantity CIM packages, these CIMs supports Absolute Mouse Synchronization as well as remote firmware updates.

KVM Client Access and Control
• Web Accessible KVM Clients - Users can access Dominion KX III via Web browser for anytime, anywhere access. Raritan’s KVM client software is automatically downloaded; this eliminates the need to install "client" software on each user desktop.
• Mobile KVM Access for iPhone and iPad - Users can access and control servers connected to Dominion KX III via their Apple iPhones and iPads. This provides emergency 24/7 out-of-hours access, as well as convenient everyday access for iPad enthusiasts.
• Windows® and Java™ KVM Clients for Windows, Linux, Sun®/Solaris™ and Macintosh® - Raritan's Windows and Java-based KVM clients provide multiplatform access and control on Windows, Linux, Sun/Solaris and Macintosh desktops.
• PC Share Mode - Up to eight users can connect and remotely access each connected server. This feature is very useful for administrator collaboration for teamed troubleshooting of servers.

Remote Video
• High Definition (HD) 1920x1080 Remote Video Resolution - Dominion KX III supports full High Definition (HD), 1080p remote video resolution. In addition, popular widescreen formats are supported, including 1600x1200, 1680x1050 and 1440x900, so remote users can work with today's higher resolution monitors.
• Full-Screen Video Display - With Dominion KX III's full-screen video display, users appear to be directly connected to the target server. The user views the full video display from the target server without window borders or toolbars. With the new "pop-up" menu bar, users can run KVM client functions while in full-screen mode.
• Port Scanning and Thumbnail Views - View selected servers as a slide show and/or real-time thumbnail views. The user can select a list of servers, set the scan interval and quickly access a given server. Works remotely and locally.
• Dual Monitor KVM Client Support - For customers wishing to enhance productivity by using multiple LCD monitors, the Dominion KX III can launch KVM sessions to multiple monitors, either in full-screen or standard modes. In this mode, users can view the list of servers on one screen and launch full-screen KVM sessions in another. Or use a secondary, desktop monitor exclusively for KVM.
• Dual Video Cards - Servers with dual video cards can be remotely accessed with an extended desktop configuration available to the remote user.
• Flexible Video Scaling - In many instances, the user would like to "scale," i.e., stretch or compress the target server's video display to fit the display window on the client. With Dominion KX III's flexible scaling, the user is not restricted to fixed-size windows, but can drag the window border to the desired size, including small thumbnail views.
• Automatic Color Calibration - Dominion KX III provides automatic and manual color calibration that optimizes the screen display, producing vivid, lifelike colors to enhance productivity and reduce bandwidth.
• 24-Bit Color Support - Dominion KX III's 24-bit color support enables high video quality over the network. Multiple color modes, as well as gray scale, are available to connect via modem or low bandwidth link.
• Flexible Performance and Bandwidth Settings for any Environment - Video performance and bandwidth can be configured to match application needs and available bandwidth. With high-speed LAN access, 1920x1080 streaming video at 30 frames per second can be supported. When accessing via a limited bandwidth connection such as the Internet, Dominion KX III can be configured to the limited bandwidth available.
• Fast Video Switching - Once Dominion KX III's advanced video resolution detection has calculated a target server's video characteristics, connections to the server occur almost instantaneously. This gives the Dominion KX III user immediate access in most cases to all connected servers.

Mouse and Keyboard
• Absolute Mouse Synchronization - The Absolute Mouse Synchronization feature is the ultimate mouse synchronization solution. For Windows and Mac® servers with a compatible USB mouse port, there is no need to adjust the mouse settings on the target server. This reduces installation time and enhances Dominion KX III's plug-and-play nature. In addition, the remote and target server mouse pointers never go out of synchronization. This feature is enabled by the D2CIM-VUSB and D2CIM-DVUSB virtual media CIMs.
• Intelligent Mouse Synchronization™ - Most KVM switches require the customer to manually adjust the mouse motion and mouse acceleration settings for all connected target servers for each KVM user. With the Intelligent Mouse option, no such manual configuration is required for many servers. The system can automatically adjust to the server’s mouse settings. 
• Speedy Single Mouse Mode - Many Dominion KX III customers prefer a dual-mouse configuration; however the KX III's single mouse mode provides speedy performance and does not require server changes for any type of server or OS.
• Transparent Keyboard Handling - Transparent keyboard handling means that virtually all user keystrokes are sent to the target server and not processed by the desktop client. This key feature obviates the need for most keyboard macros and allows the user to directly interact with the target server with a higher level of connectivity.

• Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module - For government, military and other high security applications, Dominion KX III utilizes a validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module for enhanced encryption. Modules tested and validated as conforming to FIPS 140-2 are accepted by federal agencies of the U.S. and Canada for the protection of sensitive information.
• AES Encryption - Dominion KX III utilizes the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for added security. 128- and 256-bit AES encryption is available. AES is a U.S. government-approved cryptographic algorithm that is recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the FIPS Standard 197.
• Smart Card and CAC Authentication - Dominion KX III supports smart card and DoD Common Access Card (CAC) authentication at the rack, stand-alone over IP and through CC-SG. It meets U.S. government HSPD-12, PIV and CAC directives and ISO 7816, PC/SC and CCID standards. All Dominion KX III models support smart cards using the D2CIM-DVUSB CIMs.
• Video, Virtual Media and Smart Card Encryption - Dominion KX III securely encrypts the video stream, keyboard and mouse data, virtual media and smart card transmissions.
• RADIUS, LDAP and Active Directory® Authentication - Dominion KX III integrates with industry-standard directory servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory, using either the LDAP or RADIUS protocols. This allows Dominion KX III to use pre-existing username/password databases for security.
• Configurable Strong Password Checking - Dominion KX III has administrator-configurable, strong password checking to ensure that user-created passwords meet corporate and/or government standards and are resistant to brute force hacking.
• Configurable Security Banner - For government, military and other security-conscious customers requiring a security message before user login, Dominion KX III can display a user-configurable banner message and require acceptance before user login.
• Upload Customer-Provided SSL Certificates - Customers can upload to Dominion KX III digital certificates (self-signed or certificate authority provided) for enhanced authentication and secure communication.
• Local Authentication with Users, Groups and Permissions - In addition to external authentication, Dominion KX III supports local authentication. Administrators can define users and groups with customizable administration and port access permissions.

• Remote and Local Management and Administration - Administrators can perform all management, administration and configuration operations remotely via a simple graphical user interface, accessible from their desktops, the data center or lab.
• Raritan's CommandCenter Integration - Like the rest of the Dominion series, Dominion KX III features complete CommandCenter Secure Gateway integration, allowing enterprise users to consolidate all Dominion KX II and III devices into a single logical system, accessible from a single IP address and under a single remote management interface. Customers can also access servers connected to Dominion KX III via the iPhone and iPad.
• Event Logging via SNMP Management and Syslog - System and user events are logged and recorded in a log file on each device. For permanent logging, Dominion KX III can send SNMP TRAPs for these events to SNMP management system(s). SNMP TRAPs are fully configurable by the administrator. SNMP v2 and v3 supported. Syslog logging is also available.

Package Contents
1x Dominion KX III device
1x Dominion KX III Quick Setup Guide
1x Rack-mount kit
2x AC power cords
1x Set of 4 rubber feet (for desktop use)
1x Application note
1x Warranty card
Dongles are not included - see listing of compatible virtual-media dongles and standard dongles


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