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USB Cables

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High-speed USB 2.0 cables with foil and braid shielding for reduced crosstalk and EMI/RFI interference and with A to B right-angled connectors

Right-Angle USB 2.0 A/B Cables

Starting at $3.95 view

With a strain relief design, USB 2.0 right-angled adapter cables are used to connect a USB peripheral device to a computer where space is limited

USB 2.0 Right Angle Adapter Cables, A to B

Starting at $6.99 view

Premium, high-performance cables to connect USB 2.0 devices to USB hubs or computers, with twisted pair construction for reduce crosstalk and dual foil and braid shielding

Ultima USB 2.0 A/B Cables

Starting at $6.99 view

Type-A to Type-B male-to-male USB 2.0 cables designed to connect from a USB port on a Hub, PC or Mac to a USB device at transfer rates up to 480Mbps

USB A-to-B Cables

Starting at $2.67 view

USB 2.0 panel-mount cables featuring molded screw-style connectors for a secure and efficient fixed port in various configurations and lengths

Panel-Mount USB Cables

Starting at $4.79 view